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White Power 12 months ago

@Tiger Zwei: Thank you very much my brother, i certainly do appreciate that, really do. :) :)

I can upload a list of the scum that i've found on bitch-chute, some are here and have changed their names, some are here and have kept their usernames, such as "diggler77", thats one of the very lowest and filthiest jews i have ever came across.

The list is long, but they are KNOWN trash that i personally had dealings with at bitch-chute.

hook nosed/nigger trolls on bitch-chute (which now is not permitted for posting on bitch-chute because of censorship:)

(Sorry if some of these are listed more than once, i do the best i can)

"byebyejewtube", "byebyejewtube3", "www.AE911TRUTH.ORG", "FDNY press release", "mediagiant" (among many other usernames, subversive jew, pretends to be white)

"hoorah" (subversive jew pretends to be white),

"diggler77" (disinformation about Hitler spreader, mossad agent jew from hell), kingpeter44 (same known mossad agent as piggler77)



"the invisible paradigm" (believed to be jew, very subversive),




"scarygrant" (jew),

"notorious_outlaw_records", "dangerous television", "nate feez" (all the same nigger)

"paul bustion" (jew),


"justin trouble" (subversive jew),


"shitler" (disinformation about Hitler spreader, jew),

"flatamusX" (jew), ,


"benjamin lewis",


"tonight_we_yiff_in_hell" (disinformation about Hitler spreader, jew?)

"USNavy19732003" (admitted jew),




"iconoclastradio" (jew species mixer),

"dont spit into the wind",


"alwaysafreeman" (subversive non-white),

"m.e.g.a. ( make esau great again )" (nigger idiot)


"no state project israel",

"hoaxashian" & "disqus created july 23rd 2014" (admitted jew),





"thomas stretcher",




"the_hebrew_hammer" (jew),


"fwunges" (troll, probably jew),


"cynicalsoapbox" (jew)

"michael weston" (subversive)

"dongizzle" or "dongizzle interracial love matters movement!" (species mixer),


"grumpy_old_man" (species mixer. Aryan hater),

"homo-jewus infectus" (nigger lover, and to me that points to it being a jew, either way, i dont consider it one of ours),

"youallstealnames" (idiot, probably jew),

"dorothee99" (idiot, probably jew),



"daveBNM" (jew or nigger),

"redpilledsuperhero" (jew, anti-white),

"hammercvlt" (jew),

"licinius_the_bald" (idiot, jew troll),

"kryptojuden" (actually it is an admitted jew),

"mrmochalover" (jew communist),

"gentileuprising" (subversive jew or nigger, puts out fine videos but is probably some government agent, read its comments to me),

"ziggy" (jew subversive, calls ALL Aryan Nationalists "jews", VERY subversive),

"chrisshawn" (jew or nigger),

"samdowner" (jew subversive),


"ataktos" (possible subversive jew),

"maracass" (jew),

"nietoperz" (evil jew communist),

"eulenspiegel" (jew communist),

"hippocrates666" (subversive jew),

"misanthropic01" (misinformation troll),


"creeper2112" (subversive jew communist),

"slaying_apep" (anti-christ jew subversive),

"glentotton" (subversive jew or idiot),

"cottonmouth" (jew),

"KSTJMMGG8", (admitted faggot, Godless atheist)

"schpankme" (disinformation about Hitler spreader, jew?),

"" (very subtle subversive jew),

"solid.liquid.consciousness" (jew),

"theinfidel" (subversive jew),

"renan luiz" (anti-white spic marxist),

"vitalsigns", (probable jew)

"john little - omegashock - com" (subversive jewish troll),

"smallpoxblankets" (jew),

"jimgall" (subversive jew),

"barklordofthesith" (very subversive jew communist),

"trueblue" (admitted commie jew),

"nomorsht" (admitted jew communist [p]anti-fa[rt] troll, disinformation about Hitler spreader),

"checkerknights" (jew communist nigger lover),

"duMarazin" (jew disinformation agent),

"emmanuelgoldstein" (communist/zionist jew),

"modusmodi" (anti-white, admitted nigger),

"john morley" (admitted zionist),

"tyrson" (probably jew),

"ashkenazi" (disinformation about Hitler spreader, probable jew),

"supreme being" (VERY subtle subversive jew commie, says many right things but it isnt what it appears)

"el diablo aparece" (VERY vile anti-Aryan jew bastard)

"weapon x" (disinformation about Hitler spreader, jew)

"invetordeejay" (faggot, pretends to be anti-jew, but obviously its a homosexual jew)

"poorpauly" (degenerate faggot jew commie)

"jhop71" (mindless commie, probably jew)

"countzero1942" (Aryan hating nigger)

"enriemagoo" (admitted jew)

"badvoodo" (subversive commie jew)

"mike saunders" (subversive jew)

"michael.hudson" (believe to be very subversive jew, species mixer)

"john gischala", (obvious and admitted blood sucking jew)

"lensvelt" and "ruben lensvelt" (jew)

"londomollari" (admitted jew and hater of Aryans)

"pattonsrevenge" (very subversive jew)

"rick_333" (subversive jew, race mixer, Aryan hater)

"khaartoum_sings" (mongrel jew disinformation spreader)

"mark_redd" (communist jew)

"loke" (either a subversive jew pretending to be white, or its simply a retard)

"the paraclete of kavorka" (jew commie disinformation agent)

"tsingi" (either a jew or one that is just that stupid)

"canopeaz" (subversive jew)

"incitatus" (subversive jew)

"jay kemme" (jealous Aryan hating non-white)


"nightdigger" (subversive jew)

"umberto errechitto" (VERY subtle and subversive jew, pushes "sweet" poison)

"eromod" (subversive lying jew)

"anybodyzero" (VERY subversive jew, says fine things sometimes but says VERY anti-white shit other times)

"thehabibshow" (VERY vile subversive jew pretending to be a white nationalist at times

"kickyourass" (VERY vile jew piece of shit, diseased to the utmost)

"fuckjewtube007" (filthy anti-white nigger)

"swastiky situation" (very subversive jew)

"redrevolver" (very vile subversive anti-white jew slut)

"hoosierguy1" (gutless jew subversive scum of the earth)

"leeward" (a subversive jew)

"karaool" (subversive jew communist, pretending not to be)

"lordsloved1" (mindless anti-nationalist zombie, most likely jew)

"patwest" (very subversive jew, uses MANY jew words as weapons, such as "racist" and "bigot" and "jew hating neo-nazi")

"zack waddill" (subversive jew)



"iccabobb" (subversive mossad agent, known jew)

"electronicelelephant" (very subversive jew pretending to be otherwise, other username is "hoaxashain")

"laurenfroment" & "lauren froment" (very clearly a filthy piece of antifa shit jew)

"wallace raymon" (nigger savage anti-white)

"sam70001" (anti-white, antiChrist spamming slant eyed gook or jew), "who cares" (same antiWhite filth)

"2sunnyday" (idiot subversive anti-White nigger scum, it thinks its intelligent)

"niggivlad" (lowlife jew commie scum)

"liiquid" (very subversive jew communist mossad agent)

"pcut" (admitted jew, evil anti-Aryan spammer)

"TheRapeOfJustice-DeletedYouTubeVideos" (very subversive jew scum disinformation spreader, hater of Aryans)

"fortunese" (subversive)

"mikebaxter" (subversive jew scum)

"nördic ivdahite" & "nördicivdahite" (2 jew troll channels, pretend to be White, is actually subversive jew)

"commonpinko" (just what the name implies, a worthless hook nosed pinko commie fag)

"stormcrow 53" (subversive admitted agent of the jew, saying "we are police men and FBI", speaking of himself and its immediate family)

"themixedview" (lying subversive jew, pretends to be nationalist)

"faustulus" (aka "hitlerisgod" & "fascist homo")" (Godless mexican that promotes race mixing)

"the all seeing eye" (filthy jew)

"origo productions" (subversive jew)

"EE92" & "EE" & "92" & "italian stallion" (all the same jew mossad idiot)

"celestialpowers" (anti-white nigger)

"sh0tybumbati" (definate aryan hating non-white, probably jew)

"jordannnnnnn" [a.k.a. "judaism is based"] (known and admitted liar jew, one of the very worst)

"no_freewill" (filthy marxist species mixing scum, real trash)

"newvoid" (nigger marxist)

"joshvin" (anti-white, black marxist "hebrew", lol)

"john morley" (known subversive jew)

"lordniggistalin" (evil jew communist filth)

"pastelniggimonster" (known jew, very vile hook nosed disease)

"truthninja77" (probably the same jewish mossad agent that goes by "diggler77", it spreads the EXACT same jewish lies!!)

"smokey420" (subversive jew)

"@abx0018b50c" (admitted jew, openly homosexual, i think it works for some jew organization by its comments)

"Ryu•DO" (nigger communist dog shit)

"chunk the ogre" (either a severely retarded individual, or a subversive jew)

"eric_linz" (looks to be the typical subversive jew pushing its idiocy and confusion)

"oyveyshutitdown" (definate jew disinformation agent)

"jcotrim" (yet another subversive disinformation jew)

"PF" (subversive jew)

"dansdaman" (filthy jew cunt)

"jimmywells" (toxic jew agent)

"world reset (keeps changing names, its now "esoteric teacher" a.k.a. "ajakesoterica" (subversive, probably jew that goes by "EE92")

"throwmeaway1234" (subversive jew troll, almost positive its the same as "world reset")

"PW" (jew troll, probably same as "PF")

"yvette morris" (negress, but agrees with us on many things, but believes that Aryan lands belongs to its kind also)

"pegleg1960" (known vile subversive jew)

"ryasco" (jew)

"arrow" (subversive jew)

"somanges" (admitted jew)

"freethinker" now goes by "TS" (non-white, more than likely subversive jew, blames whites for all evil and its probably the same as "esoteric emissary")

"esoteric emissary" (the same jew stalker "world reset", "EE", "EE92", "92", probably "esoteric teacher" and several others)

"fuckbitchutesucksxxxxxxxxxxxx" (jew scum troll)

"msnpc4853" (jew scum troll)

"tsukino1981" (jew troll scum)

"izif addag" (jew troll scum)

"silentnight" (jew troll scum)

"jcotrim" (total retard, probable jew subversive)

"kpio728" & "martyr09" (same jew, not only is it a known jew but its an actual faggot also)

"johnsveta" (another jew troll or a total idiot)

"one world" (jewish troll, probably the same as "world reset")

"@madjewesswoman" (its own filthy username says it all)

"alf.b" (total idiot cunt, probable jew)

"chris duane" (either jew or nigger, real trash)

"fuckyouwhitetrashx" (the username tells you all you need to know about that worthless shit stain)

"skawzzle" (either a jew or an idiot, believed to be the same as "diggler77" or "schpankme" or "ashkenazi")

"unoraza" (subversive lying cultural marxist jew)

"mpayton11211970" (jew)

"andypep" (filthy rotten jew)

""WHITE-SUPREMIST" (confirmed as being exact same lying jew mossad agent as "weapon x")

"drom_techmarine" (mindless troll, probably jew)

"john may" (complete idiot, jew)

"fatjay79" (jew commie)

"milkfartt" (jew trash troll)

"behind9proxies" (either complete and total idiot, or subversive jew)

"indespectus" (subversive jew mossad agent troll, and anti-christ scum)

"EGACINAISSEM" (same jew troll as "esoteric teacher" and all the rest)

"kaabalist baalites exposed" (same jew pig as the account above this one)

"chuckler699" (jew)

"gobdog" (filthy mossad jew)

"thirdworldassassin" (scum of the earth, jew or nigger)

"marty p" (filthy jew subversive)

"impartialhistory" (subversive jew pretending to be white nationalist, real commie mongrel scum)

"youngdeath" (filthy sub-species, species mixer, probably jew or some other mixture)

"wanting to know the truth" (in reality it wants to spread lies and destroy the truth, its a known jew)

"hawkeye" (known and admitted jew, this one is absolutely a for real (((government))) agent)

"gregussupremusmaximus" (either complete idiot, or jew subversive)

"beyondtruth1" (subversive jew, calls Aryan Nationalists "jews")

"yazzy5" (subversive jew account)

"PastelNiggiMonster" (subversive jew agent)

"rick_heskey_the-jew" (jew disinformation agent)

"smokey" & "smokey420" (same "person", disinfo troll, known jew)


"disqusallowonlinecrime" (admitted jew)

"duncancrow" (subversive jew or severely stupid, or both)

"williamwallace118" (either an idiot, or disinfo agent)

"dkoi6" (disinformation agent, notice its name, "DECOY6")

"iron zion" (known and admitted jew disinfo troll, scum of the earth)

"sentineltruth" (yet another jew troll account)

"npc5659" (jew disinformation troll)

"vinay sharma" (disinformation jew account)

"jewishsoul1440" (the username speaks for itself)

"youtalkshit" (Aryan hating jew/nigger disinfo agent, thinks twelling truth about niggers is "race baiting")

"bsisbs" (thinks telling truth about niggers is "race baiting")

"franklbritton" (either jew disinformation agent or complete idiot dupe, i believe its the former)


"trollinoh" (either a disinfo jew or one STUPID piece of shit)

"awakened2truth - disciple of j" (complete idiot jew subversive)

"bootsman39" (an idiot, or jew disinformation agent)

"hochdeutscher" (jew subversive disinformation agent)

"acceptthetruthitwillsetyoufree" (admitted jew)

"phone7018" (jew)

"michael6572" (known jew)

"stormcrow53" (scum of the earth, non-white, almost certainly jew subversive)

"npc idiot451" (yet another jew disinformation agent troll scum)

"" (yet another disninformation anti-white agent jew troll, real scum, almost certainly another account of "diggler77")

"straightman" (disinfo jew)

"john8@44" (yet another of MANY jew disinformation accounts probably ran out of tel-aviv)

"kayzersosse" (disinformation subversive jew)

"truthspeakseeker" (subversive disinfo jew)

"mad_telligent" (another disinfo subversive jew)

"HANGTHEOWL" (subversive disinformation pushing jew, almost CERTAINLY a mossad/adl type of agent, says some right things then pushes some lies)

"markfelix" (jew)

"mistershitokur" (jew disinformation agent)

"greendot" (subversive jew)

"FDNY press release 9/11@MediaGiant" (the same KNOWN spamming jew account as "byebyejewtube3")

"Иван" (disinformation agent jew)

""rytwinger" (known jew)

"russtafa (known jew)

"johnpauljones" (satanic jew pig)

"33rd degree freemason" (the same jew disnfo agent that also goes by "diggler77")

"nevervolunteer" (and yet ANOTHER jew disinformation account pushing anti-Hitler lies and non-sense)

"scumvsscum" (its hook nosed scum)

"rurigokou" (piece of shit that laughs when Whites get murdered by niggers, more than likely oriental or jew)

"thechosenone" (jew/nigger pig that laughs at Aryans being murdered)

"notmetoblame" (filthy known jew subversive)

"charlie_the_hammer" (jew, believed to be the same as "the_hebrew_hammer")

"hermit hacker" (subversive jew)

"mousetorturer" (subversive jew)

"acceptthetruthitwillsetyoufree" (Absolutely a jew disinfo agent)

"wrencher19" (some non-white piece of shit, probably jew)

"maniot" (either jew subversive or TOTAL idiot!)

"agri decumates" (jew subversive or some non-white filth)

"trigun" (jew/mongrel anti-white nigger lover, real trash)

"spearsofgod" (seems like a nigger subversive)

"voidwinds" (rotten jew subversive)

"soonnazis" (stupid anti-white nigger animal)

"napi" (jew disinfo agent)

"camosoul" (jew)

"kollins" (jew)

"a81" (jew subversive)

"george mcgnarly" (jew subversive)

"billrs" (jew or nigger, anti-white)

"1984veritas" (either jew subversive or retarded nigger)

"mortaqai™" (subversive jew pig)

"marleymarx" (satanic jew mongrel commie scum, one of the very worst)

"nicodemous52" (either a complete idiot or subversive jew)

"kasper_eastman" (total filth, some non-white, probably jew)

"conservos" (either jew subversive or TOTAL idiot!)

"microkent (subversive jew scum)

"stophe" (commie jew filth, real trash)

"loki odinson" (anti-hitler jew subversive)

"incessant goi" (known and admitted half nigger)

"b0ganben" (absolutely a jew subversive)

"tubemonks" (rotten deceiver jew subversive agent from hell)

"troll hunter" (admitted homosexual and admitted child molester)

"baldur" or "baldur odinson" (jew mossad agent pretends to be "celt", lol)

"isaac kohmcg" (another jew working with the name above this and the known jew "loki_odinson")

"blinddeathjoe" (yet another idiot jew subversive)

"truthseeker777" (probably same as "diggler77")

"roscoe_blackwelder" (jew or jew government agent more than likely)