Recently, Brenton and KT (Founders of Doxbin) have been working on 
                                                the aftermath of selling Doxbin. 
                                The amount was not disclosed however an outside reliable source
                                has informed me a user by the name of "wh1te" purchased the site
                                this week for $75,000 USD. (
                                The name of the user who purchased Doxbin has been revealed and 
                                                   goes by the name "wh1te".
                                     Wh1te currently owns the telegram, website and domains.
                                   Wh1te hardly has any involvement within the community & only
                                   recently started interacting with the gg/pretty community on

                                   SHOWN BELOW :  KT & Brenton relieving their roles as admins.

                                   SHOWN BELOW : KT Disclosing what exactly has been purchased.

                                   SHOWN BELOW : KT Discussing his relationship with Wh1te.

                                Wh1te has had hardly any interaction with gg/pretty. His status
                                and motives are currently unknown. KT & Brenton did not log IPs.
                                 Therefore your personal information and involvement towards
                                                    Doxbin are unleak-able.

                                From countless sources Wh1te has been reccomended. He has many 
                                   mutuals and I look forward to welcoming him to the com.
                                            Report written by Repetitive#0507