Some stupid rapist fuck that goes to our school

Domenic Haby (Doganeri)

Address: 22 Franklin St, Newport, Vic, AUS.

Nationality: Italian-Australian.

Phone number: +61 490 416 093

Instagram: @Dommlemon

He previously Lived in Morwell.

He Has Autism, and severe Tics.

He has a short temper but cannot fight.

Connections: Hamish Miller, Roman Tesmer, Luke Bell-Andrews, Logan Rayner, Harry, River.

Past Crushes: Lani Stefanovski, Arina Suberliak, Beth Thomas (Practically Assaulted her on camera)

Current Crush: Mikela Gashi

He sexually assaulted someone in 6th grade, yet accuses others of being rapists

Interests: TV, Riding his scooter.

Vulnerabilities: Physical Weakness, Very Gullible, Has Fake Friends, Is easily pissed off, Probs easy to RAT.

Devices Owned: Samsung Galaxy A20, Lenovo PC.

Discord: @domlemon#5199


Father: Steven Haby

Common password: Grain666, grain666.

Doxxed by Christian Stojanovski.