ok so im listening 2 that 1 song by penelope & its got me thinking lol anonymous ppl took all these websites down & exposed the government but when i was extorted/blackmailed into sending nudes which ended up on a cp website they didnt believe us bc the pic of the website (had me in them i was pinned) was in a screenshot, in a s creenshot we took so a ss of the website was in a screenshot which had the chatlogs in them & 4 yrs i was just being extorted on the internet by pedos &gross men bc the cops lied 2 me & told me my traffickers, & ect were in "jail" but they werent bc they texted me the v nxt day ((::

FUCK U U stupid ppl, i hope u all r0t & d13 since u ignored ppls emails &msgs 2 u. idk if u still have them or who we spoke 2 but u blaintly ignored us. u take down all these cp websites & ect but u dont do it 2 ppl who r actually alive. u 0nly bring justicd 2 the dead. im literally mad lmfao

my community/platform says fuck u aswell<3