About Snappy or should I say Mr. Hochanadel: He loves to flex that he makes so much money from owning crypto sites, he thinks he is some god because he runs them. He is just a retard, he was telling me to swat his GF kinda sad. He loves to flex that he can code, and he claims to know languages, but when you ask him about it, he will say well I don't know it much. Just loves to say shit to make himself feel better even tho he knows nothing. Claims to have gotten a tesla nigga is 16. I was also told by a close friend of his that he wants to fuck his 8 year old sister.

The retard himself
Full Name: Ashton Nicholas Hochanadel
Bithday: December 4th 2005
Phone Number: 913 433-1505
Age: 16
Discord: snappy#6611
Address: 3025 W 147th St. Overland Park, KS
School: Saint Thomas Aquinas Highschool
Email(s): ( bitcointrustmoney@gmail.com (Not confirmed could be false) )
Pics of this ugly ass nigga: ( a.pomf.cat/becoim.png, a.pomf.cat/goyihn.png )
KNOWN sites he works on (There could be more I don't know about): ( app.artemisprotocol.one (Dev team (He can't really code tho)), www.rainfinance.one (Creator) )

Twitter: @snappy_creeper
Instagram: @ashton.hoch
Snapchat @ahochanadel
Tiktok(s): ( @ashton.hoc, @snappytoken )

Moms name: Cathleen Hochanadel ( Cathleen Benyo )
Address: 3025 W 147th St. Overland Park, KS
KNOWN Phone Number(s): ( 913 766-0259, 913-220-1915 )
Email(s): ( chochanadel@kc.rr.com, cathleenhochanadel@yahoo.com, cehoch@msn.com )
Age: 45
Instagram: @cathyhochanadel
Facebook: Cathy Hochanadel

Dads name: Aaron Hochanadel ( Aaron Joseph Nvl )
Address: 3025 W 147th St. Overland Park, KS
KNOWN Phone Number(s): ( 913-766-0259 )
Age: 47
Facebook: Aaron Hochanadel
Instagram: @aaronhochanadel

Grandpas Name: Gery Hochanadel
Instagram: @geryh45
Address: 10615 W 99th St. Overland Park, KS

# Little note for Snappy
Remember when you told me to swat your ex?
You thought I was some random named Wasted kinda funny tbh
Your little lies got you and your family here, you are lucky I can't post the info on the 8 year old sister that you want to fuck (I also can't post the info on Chloe)
Either way tho you said I couldn't do anything so here we are

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