Name: Nathan Holland
Mother's name: Dawn Marie Lee
Age: 19
D.O.B: April 24, 2002
Team: The Harvesters Collective (also known as the mask behind the business IDS).
Business: iDiceSecurity (IDS).
Father: Anthony Holland.
Mother: Dawn Marie Lee.
Fake Name he uses: Shayne Dawton.
GirlFriend: no hoes.
ExGirlfriends: Vivian and Lana hana (also known as lana hodge).
Known enemies: anonghost, exo.phobian, Vdirtyspawnscfw, MostHatedQueen and klown fourtwenty.
Location: Lackawanna, Heritage Apt.
211 Susquehanna Ave, Olyphant Pa 18447
grandmother's address: 105 Westgate Dr. Carbondale Pa. 18407
Places lived: Scranton, Pennsylvania (home town)
Phone Number: (717) 229-9165
Non-Fixed VoIP
carrier Verizon North Inc,-pa
pc: Running Kali Linux As Main OS
social media:
Current: 75UntoldLies =, iDiceSecurity =
Old: Dynamic Security Services (DSS)
Current: 🅉🄴🅁🄾#6015
Old: CodingUrLife#3171, {𝔻𝕊|𝕊}~vMrI̷ci3Xploits-x#3279
Facebook: Nathan Holland, NH Infected (Coding Python)
Current: recon.engine
Hacked: Linuxdr0pz & nathanhoelland
past instagram names: CodingUrLife, 75Trueillusions, KinkSecurity And vArcticMist.
known Passwords: CyberManDex420, DynamicSEC420C, ArcticMist420, ArcticMist720 CodingUrLife420#
psn accs: CodingUrLife, v-MexArchives, DCU-databreach-x

Pic of Nathan:
pics  of Nathan 2:
his wifi gettin downed by AbuseOvh:
his site getting hacked by abuseovh:
More family members, friends and relatives:
Pictures of his mum:
Facebook profile of his mother :
Melissa Polito :
Zach fenti - the son of Melissa Polito:
Alicia Leela Garrett - cousin of Melissa Polito:
ip info:
IP: (old)
Ip: (old)
Decimal: 1203098214
ASN: 701
ISP: MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 
Organization: Verizon Communications
Services: None 
Type: Broadband
Continent: North America
Country: United States us flag
State/Region: Pennsylvania
City: Hazleton
Latitude: 40.9485  (40° 56′ 54.60″ N)
Longitude: -75.9565  (75° 57′ 23.40″ W)
Postal Code: 18201
vps ip:
VPS [IP] [Port]
IP =
Port = 22
User = root
Pass = CodingUrLife420#
more info: 
Vivian almost made him suicide.
MostHatedQueen saved him from suiciding.
Uses source codes of others. 
Simps for girls.
Wants revenge from MostHatedQueen and Klown.
Has some obsession with cards.
Proof he doesn't knows how to code:
He watched a YouTube tutorial for His portmap/portscanner:
official Tutorial:
Evidences that could be used against him in a court of law:

Evidence of him stealing an insta account:

Evidence of him bullying a girl:

Evidence of him stealing instagram accounts illegally:

Evidence of him conducting a DDoS attack on a server illegally and without the permissions:

Evidence of him threatening my friend that he gonna put his info on darkweb:

Evidence of him bullying and threatening people on internet:

Screenshots of him threatening a guy:

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

Screenshot 5:

Screenshot 6:


Doxed by demon_modzz420