Pretty sure the community know's the "hacking" group named BWA "Bosses With Attitude" the harmless retard 
group, here I have some images of "SA7AN" admitting to larping.. SA7AN was bullied so hard he had to block
deceased on everything, failed a dox got proven wrong whilst trying to bully deceased on twitter (BY HIS OWN
MEMBERS) told the member to delete the tweet, there's proof of that alot of it, dodged a ctf by deceased - post - SA7AN admits to larping - Confirms he isn't SA7AN

As you already know, there's a member with the name "envy" in the group BWA, he's a known retard to the 
community, never won a ctf, larps, has no skill and overall is just a autistic retard here are some images...

5 reasons why you should avoid envy AT ALL COST:

1. Dick rides the SA7AN larp
2. Has no skill what so ever
3. Larped as ro0ted
4. Had his pc ratted
5. Begs people to help him with shit

       overall, just a retard..

                               (screenshots of autism unfolding) - envys life put into one video - Dropping random doxes - Claims he can pull ips on discord (autism mode activate!) - Dick riding deceased

Here, some of the best images you'll ever see.. envy thought he had doxed deceased, begged 120fps to be his 
friend, tried to get BWA to accept him after being kicked out for being autistic. - begs ryan to be his friend + begs to join BWA

keep in mind this kid had his twitter named "WILL I GET BACK IN BWA ENVY" time to leave the com..

more screenshots of envy/sa7an that aren't included:

                                     DECEASED LOVES YOU <3

                                                   (BWA DROP)

as you all know, there's "BWA Drop" the kid that got doxed, cried for hours then left discord, finally comes
back changes his name and profile picture..

                                                   (BWA MODA)
then we have moda, the fed that begs attention, dodges ctf's has no skill, larps, bullied 24/7 overall just
a com reject can not harm anyone never done anything other than sit around talking in a discord server.. 

                                                   (BWA DARKRAIXD)
then theres DarkRaiXD, another retard in BWA has no skill, can not harm anyone is overall harmless does nothing
nor will she ever achieve anything

                                                   (BWA LUCY)
we have LucyyyyyLucyyyy, quit EVERYTHING after being doxed by LWA has no skill, can not harm anyone got bullied
off the internet has big dreams talks alot to say she was bullied off the internet.. lucy has not to be seen
to this day

                                                   (BWA RO0TED)
BWA ro0ted.. the drug addict basically sleepthegod 2.0, overdosed on drugs claims to of quit a while back gets
angry when ever you mention it, harmless has no skill in ANYTHING cries to SA7AN when ever someone goes against

                                                   (BWA CLR)
BWA CLR harmless faggot has no skill, sits in the discord typing all day whilst shit talking retards.. begging
attention never done anything in his entire life.. spends his time watching anonymous interviews and calls himself a hacker

                                       <goodbye anonymous interview fans>

incase you didn't realise from this post BWA has no skill xbox rejects.. ddos xbox kids and call themself 
hackers.. you aren't harmful.. "100 man roster" skid roster!