True Anti Zion is Gian Intent is Rejecting Israel for 14 Words and 1488 ... Gian Intent is in your own 
words, you need to create your own road show and get it out of the cultural engineers aka our Secret 
Police Force Shado Government and Mossad / CIA and claim it back through Gian Intent ... True 
Khristna Consciousness and Kundalini is creating your own path and roadshow aka Gian Intent ... Not 
buying into Israeli Zionist Products back-doored by the soul-less mossad, A Simple Yoga Pose one 
must do after protocols of Distilled Water, Auto Urine Therapy, Alkaline Water from 
Lemon/Lime/Baking Soda aka Sodium Bicarbonate, Sun Gazing during Sunrise and Sunset, Schieders 
Yoga Eye Excercises with Pinhole Sunglasses... Look 1 2 3 4 circle, square, triangle, rectangle in 
diamond 4 with dots next to it... True Gian Intent is forgetting those shitty PhDs and Shitty Authors 
who piled it higher and deeper in MKULTRA Mind Control... Not thinking in a linear fashion, but in a 
holotropic or Atonimic Nervous System Static Fashion, For the Mossad and Israel did 9/11, get a 
Palestine and Nazi Flag and send this land back to the BLO, because Israel Man Must Go, Zionism is 
Cancer, Isreal started the Porn Industry and is the top sex slave capital in the world, the rest of the sex 
slaves are controlled by Martians who Started the God Myth, To forget about the Lies of Organized 
Religions, no the Incans, Mayans, and Aztecs did not eat any corn, they survived on Coconut and Fat, 
The whole soy and Gluten and Starch and Squaline Vaccine Agenda is all planned out by the 
Mossad/United Nations/CIA/DIA/NSA/MKULTRA/FBI/COINTELPRO takeover system of Mass 
Control. Their Operating System Windows completely sucks, Haiku OS, Be OS, Artix Linux, Puppy 
Linux, Kubuntu are all anti zion technologies we must use to boycott their technology... You have to 
create your own roadmap and roadshow... True Krishna Consciousness happens and starts with a Astral 
Travel in the land of Telugu Writings, Lay into a Subpine Position on your back on a hardwood floor 
for 30+ Minutes and chant “144 over 151 equals 0.9536” this is an enemy to the Zion, just like 7.831 
and 528 Hz ((963)) symbolizes the Pineal Gland and the Pine Cone Symbol that the Ruling Oligarch 
Zionists and Jews also known as Country Clubbers with 6 Passports 22 Families run the media and the 
rest of the world economy, 100 Million Russians or 6 Million Jews and hardly any evidence, not even 
from the Red Cross Documents of an Actual Holocaust... We know Karl Marx was a Jew and Jews 
Sabotaged the Bank of England through Despotic Usury and MissManagement of Money as there was 
no true audit of the funds going though that bank of England... Memorial Day is another dumb PSYOP, 
Millitary Men according to Henry Kissinger are merely stupid dumb animals to be used as Pawns in 
War for Foriegn Policy, These fake wars were all about OIL and Gold and the Zionist Controlled 
Puppet Media that wont bring Israel back to the BLO is there to PSYOP you with Fake CNN/MSNBC 
and Fox News, Both Democrats and Republicans are Two Sides of the Same Bird, There are no true 
actual documents for the fake Holocaust, Not even from the Red Cross and Karl Marx had Jewish 
Parents and Killed 100+ Million in Russia, so don’t give me any of your nonsense, lies, spam, or 
useless Liberal Arts Crap... Zionism is Communist Garbage... Krishna is Telling the Truth... 144 over 
151 is 0 Point 9536 as stated by the inscription of the Pentagram in red it contradicts the Zionist Blue of 
102694 and False Freemasonry aka Jewry aka Zionism a fake religion of Israel to sell you out with 
BS... The 11" harmonic is so much more useful than their bull crap 7.831 Times 11 528 and 5808 all 
frequencies used by the globalists and secretly kept away from us only sold at Jew Only Country 
Clubs... It’s all an inside Job by the Jews and the Mossad of Israel, They Sunk The USS Liberty... No 
point in letting the dead bury the dead, Memorial day is for brainwashed Morons, The soldiers who 
fought should have instead rised up and kill their commander in chief and gone completely 187 5150 
Postal and Bizerk, The Krishna Counsciousness of Gian Intent 144 / 151 is the true Holotropic Anti Ho 
Anti MKULTRA Mind Control Consciousness... Rise Up and Kill Your Commander in Chief, Martians 
created this planet and your so-called rights are a carefully crafted illusion, Fasting on Distilled Water 
and Auto Urine Therapy cures fucking Cancer and So does Baking Soda and Apple Seeds on a Day 2 
Day Fasting Regimine... They only true god is to create your own road show through Holotropic Non- 
Linear Autonomic Thought and Your Own Road Show... Martians Started All these False Talmuds .....