1. Know nothing about hacking
2. Have the mindset that you can hack
3. Make a twitter account with botted followers
4. Follow everyone that looks like a hacker
5. Engage in arguements with other hackers
6. Shit talk as much as you can
7. Call someone a "harmless retard" but being a harmless retard yourself
8. Tell someone to do something to you
9. Not be able to do something when told to do something to them
10. Think that DDoSing, swatting and doxing is hacking
11. Claim things that you have never done
12. Claim that you are in fact, resting in undoxability
13. Be bullied in school
14. Be a hypocrite by saying things about people that you do yourself
15. Pastebin, xmpp or hacker website in bio
16. Try to act like you know what you're talking about while talking to other wannabe's
17. Get as many nudes from egirls as possible
18. Call people: harmless, retard, CoD Kid, moron, autistic
19. Pretend to get raided by the FBI
20. Have anything hacking-related in your AVI or header
21. Buy a booter account and claim its a botnet
22. Resolve someones IP on skype
23. Hit them offline and think you're a god
24. Genuinely believe that federal agents, wanna be hackers, real hackers and normal living people actually care about what you do or want to waste their time on you
25. Be in denial and hate on this guide because you know everything here is true but try to convince yourself that this guide isnt talking about you