Name: Ella / Last Name: Lugosi
Sex: F

Birthday: Unconfirmed / Age: 19

Address: 69 Castlereagh ST, NSW Sydney AUstralia.

Description: Ella claims to have a range of illnesses starting from BPD (there is no proof of it) and is to be unstable while lashing out on other men when she gets rejected. From what we 
have studied on the internet  she has a small following while telling people to kill themselves and mocking situations other people are in /She told Person A they were faking their gender
identity because Person A's  boyfriend rejected her then a week later started using THEY/THEM Pronouns (watever that is)
Throughout her high-school life from ex-friends in the same grade Ella was a "on and off friend" stating that she would make small arguments into something big and throughout her
highschool life she is known to play the 'VICTIM CARD' and seems to hate taking responsibility.

Allegations she has: 3

photos of her: /
(WARNING: shes ugly and fat as shit)