Retard Business #flushyourmeds … ;

This is all the Holotropic Thought #flushyourmeds … ;

by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ;

Scott Alan Barry is a Writer and Random Fringe … ;

DOI Number : 10.0684/10711

Luks and Geli for FreeBSD and Linux can be cracked by the Sheriff’s Department and Freemasons as well as confidential informants … ; The better Alternative is a De-Googled Phone F-droid Netguard Trachone with Alphanumeric Password Lock, Veracrypt Steganographic File Systems, 7zip Archive Encryption encoded to Base32/Base64, The Sheriff’s Department can bypass BIOS Passwords with a USB Drive, they do take out SSD’s Also, Evil Maid will over-volt and steal SSD’s Flash Drives, or screw up your BIOS Settings and BIOS ROM, Because of Through Wall Cameras, Telepathy, Remote Neural Monitoring, Remote Viewing, Synthetic Telepathy you should use One-Time Pads Random 2 or 3 Digit with Alien Characters on a Bic Pen on Say a Hard Cover Book … ; All Pedophiles use Veracrypt Stegfs with Ram Disk 7zip Encryption for their Demented Perverted PTHC Child Porn of Lolita's that they share on The Dark Web and Peer2Peer … ;

For 7zip Archive Encryption you have Password Managers Encoded to Base32/64 … ;

BIOS Passwords are Half Assed for Cheap Laptops Can Still Be Bypassed with a USB Key by the Cops … ; So Sixteen Different Countries have this Pointless Speech Law on Holocaust Denial and it all boils down to The Act of 1871 where USA is Owned by the District of Columbia as a British Crown Colony Corporation and King James Founded The First Charter of Virginia in 1606, 60 Years Later aka Kabbalah or Cabal we had the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 AD Declaring All Citizens Legally Dead by Their Birth Certificate as they slaves to the Vatican From Birth til’ Death … ; Become a Mid Adlantic Speaker, USE GMT 0, Learn the Codes of UCC or Uniform Commercial Code which is Everything in Life … ; Holotropic Thought! Come on People 80+ Years of WWII Lies, The Holocaust is a Hoax, God is not Real, Hitler Fixed The German Economy, When Humans Die They Become Telepathic Ghosts, Martians Started Religion, Jews Run the Media, Hollywood, and the world economy through usury, Jews Control The press … ;

Signed : Scott Alan Barry … ; Flushyourmeds*com … ; Archive*today*org Perma*cc … ;

Uniform Commercial Code has Nine Titles consisting of Commercial Law and Contract Law, All Crimes are Commercial Bonds and Posting a Bond or Bid Bond or SF-24 is Essential with Pleading the Fifth Amendment at all times and getting them to leave with the word “NO” … ; UCC-1F

UCC-9T Your Signature is your Pledger Top Trust Protector like a UCC-1 it is Literally C3 … ;

The Meth Affidavit Says This : Hello, I was trying to check on the status of my account and was unable to become verified. I am in need to have the most recent statement mailed to the address on file. Account Number : - Full Legal Name – Signed : Some Dumb Moron Idiot Dolt … ;

Vibrating Comb Picks get around most Non Wafered 14” Locks so does Plastic or a Piece of Aluminum … ; 1/2-1” Wafered Period … ; Ammo Cans Suck stock with weak American Non Wafer Locks Made in Mexico and Not USA , Plus you can drill the side , USE AES-256-512 Bit Encryption … ; Ubikeys other USB can get stolen just like Phones so Use Better Security DUH ... ;

The One Time Pad Bic Pen on Back of a Hard Cover A-Z0-10SP*Random2Digit … ; Columbus Ohio , Tel Aviv Israel = Both Pedophile Sex Slave Lands … ; Spoof Your Mac Address to f4f4f4f4f4f4 or Random with a 45-60-1-2 Freedns*zone DNS Address Crypt … ; DNS Tunneling is also and Alternative to SSH Tunneling and VPNS are Over Used and Overly Advertised Period … ;

When more people use the server it, it gets compromised same with Tor/I2p or Anything … ;

Killeen Texas Underground Snuff Industry Katy Grooves, Mr Pickles S Circus, Uncle Sam’s S Factory … ; Thermal Through Wall Cameras , Telepathy , Remote Viewing so write down Master PW as One-Time Pad or A-Z0-10SP*R2 Random on the back of a Hard Cover Book with a Ballpoint Bic Hotel Pen or Something … ; Web.Libera.Chat > Brave > Chromium > Firefox #5150963-your-ch-here1441517831 Be Cheap T400T420sT6160 Lenovo w BIOS PW, Ventoy, SSD, Linux, Sony ICD PX-470, Sennheiser HD-1 , Koss KTX-Pro-1 … ; Your Health , Fasting Lowers C-Reactive Protien, Gluten and Veganism are Cancer, Multi Electrolyte Magnesium and Distilled Water or Primary Water form a PW Well , Prunes , Fibre Gummies , Baking Soda Protocol with Metamucil, Apple Pectin, Psyllium Husk, Citricare, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Oregano, 1 Cap of Apple Cider Vinegar I said 1 Cap, Lemon or Lime Juice from a Raw Fruit, Make Fruit Leather for SHTF and Living on Almost Nothing is a Great Reference and so is Grain Brain … ;

The Truth is Hidden, Society is under Severe Brainwashing … ; Why is Holocaust Denial Illegal in Sixteen Different Countries???

Search > Books.Google.Com > Dork Command > “when humans die they become” Society Globally is under Mind Control and Expert Conditioning For Instance I was only able to produce this content by writing it down with a Black/Blue Bic Hotel Pen and to have the Computer Off Even on Linux it Emits Pulsed Magnetic Fields , Lilly Waves, UAC, SCALAR Waves and a variety of other types of Psychotronic Weaponry even the blue light Screen is a form of Optokinesis and get a Blue Light Filter and Yellow Long Wire Edisons With Candles, Because you need Iris Mini and Redshift for Eye Protection or Some Blue Light Blockers … ; The Jewish Victors plus Six Jewish Media Companies have Brainwashed the Entire World about World War Two and We are all under Expert Conditioning and Mind Control … ; The Faronic Bitrate of Swiss … ;

ffmpeg -i 1.mp3 -ab 43k 2.mp3 ; The Faronic Time is 43 Minutes … ; bc -l ; ffmpeg -i -ss -t ;

Swiss-Pre-Freemasonic ; 1:1.6180339 4:3 43.5 Hz Sawtooth for Dementia … ;

I more Swear on the Schumann Earth Resonance as The Tone Deaf can access it more as a Square Wave as well as a Pulsed Magnetic Field as Dr. Bob Beck used that in Medicine, also in Blood Electification for Alternative Medicine as well as Ozonated Water to Lower C-Reactive Proteins which is the cause for ever problem in the first place … ; 7.831 Square Earth Pulse in Audacity as 1.0 48k MP3 > Appimage > Linux > Ventoy*net … ; 4:3 = 1:1.6180339 Faronic Rectangle … ;

Faronic is Golden Same Thing I do not have time for CIA People to used me up … ;

Piping Commands : sudo -i ; su root ; cat -ne /dev/kmsg | aplay ; cat f.ext | base64 >f.b64 ;

cat f.ext | base32 >f.b32 ; yes >/dev/sdz ; fdisk -l ; gparted ; echo “~” >1.1 ; rm 1.1 ;

echo -ne “\x90” ; yes “NOP” | aplay ; cat /dev/urandom | aplay ;

Grep is a 1970’s PDP-11 Unix Program which processed the Federalist Papers … ;

Sed Replaces Characters and is often used for base 28 or some other fiction format … ;

Theodore John Kaczynski The Una-Bomber Prefectly Predicted UEFI in Computers to Lock in the BIOS so you cannot run Linux or FreeBSD or Haiku/BEOS or Other OSes, WiFi/5G, Replacement of Imp’s and Mainframes for Modern Subnet Masking where .255 is /24 aka Technocracy where they can scan your ID into Database Management Software or Spillman Flex or Priers or some other Red Hat Linux Software , The Patriot Act , Red Flag Laws , Civil Asset Forefiture , and Global Zionism … ; 666-567-*2-1134 Corona-66-6L-666 AC American Outlet and Kabbalah or Cabal which is Kohen Jewish … ; 6 60 Degree Angles , 6 Sides and Points , 6 Holes , 120Vac divide two GND Equals 60 , 60 Hz, The Holocaust Says Six Million, A fabricated Hoax by Kohen Jewish Supremacists Cabal means Kabbalah … ;

Spoof Mac Address Linux Commands For FreeBSD/GhostBSD/NomadBSD/Linux … ;

sudo -i ; su root ; sudo ifconfig wlan0 up/down ;

sudo ifcofig wlan0 hw ether f4:f4:f4:f4:f4:f4 ;

sudo ifconfig wlan0 hw f4:f4:f4:f4:f4:f4 ;

sudo ifconfig wlan0 f4:f4:f4:f4:f4:f4 ;

The Secret Society Censoring All Press The Internet on Surface Web, All Self Book Publishers, is ADL B’nai B’rith it is a Kohen Jew Only Society, The Police are Just Low Level Freemasons … ;

Freemason is also known as HO which is a CIA MKULTRA Term for Mind Controlled Person … ;

Kohen Jews will have More than Six Travel Passports … ; Kohens eat at Jew Only Country Clubs … ; The Police + Hollywood are Just Freemasons … ; The Rothschild Bankers of Usury and Quantitative Easing are Freemasons Also … ; One Part of The Dark Web is a Peer2Peer Network of Computers and is Full of Illegal … ; The Illegal stuff is that Child Porn Lolita and PTHC Pedo yo Garbage you see there … ; That’s Huner Biden’s Laptop or John Padesta’s Veracrypt Steganography Drive … ; Kohen Jews Maintain their Racial Purity During Brit Milah or a Bris Circumcision Ceremony When A Rabbi Performs Oral Suction on a Baby Boy after chopping off the foreskin of the Penis … ; Richard Stallman is and Anti Zionist Anti Genocide Anti Israel Pro Palestine Alt Jew sort of Like the Brother Nathanael Foundation on Bitchute/Odysee/Altcensored/Archive He is for the BDS Movement and Coined the Term POSIX and Founded the Free Software Foundation and GNU / Linux Foundation POSIX Compatibility Architecture is the Next Final Step in Computer Networking and All Thing IOT or Internet of Things including all Those Embedded Devices … ;

Browser Extensions for Chromium/Brave/Firefox are :

Decentraleyes, Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger ,

Ventoy2SSD RamDisk , Calculate Linux XFCE , Arco L L … ;

Shell Script For Targeted Individuals .......... ;
Sudo Remover Two ...
Updated to have Polkit Patched ... ; ; ; ; ; ;

Ammo Cans have Crappy Non Wafer ¼” Locks Suck … ;