Doxed by kittenSec.

The player has been reported for the following rules that violate JaGeX's T.o.S on OSRS:
#2 (Scamming)
11. (Asking for contact information)
12. (Solication)
14. (Disruptive Behavior)
15. (Real Life Threats)


They scammed him for 10,000$.

RSN: Frublox was unbanned due to Mod Weath's mistake, as well as 92 Ghoul 45
having a confirmed Jmod 
tweet about him botting agility for 6 hours.: (7/2021)

Furthermore, Mod Jed scammed Baile Y and his dad for 40b and RWT'd it and JaGeX hasn't pressed any charges because the amount was about ~20,000$
USD. They probably refunded him the GP. That doesn't change the situation.

RSN: Nightingale0
Nightingale ☽#5513  discord username
Asha K Kidd  birthday august 6 1997
Used to live in Florida in 2019 summer, and moved to Kentucky.

This person also scammed 1b+ gp, which was a TBow that was loaned for Zulrah by Sleighur, and
rsn: Conyon RWT'd it in 2019, not banned. 

I'm refraining from posting explicit public information for the privacy of said player, however they have extorted my friend for over 2 years, prior to his ban,
and he lost real life money over this. He also was banned for an AHK script before JaGeX made a clear stance on AHK, 3rd party clients, and he tried
appealing the ban, and it was a permanent ban with Macroing major despite having rs3 ranks.
12/31/19 and it's been more than 1 year 10 months, he also recentely got a false positive 
RWT ban on a Rune Dragon alt with the rsn "Sleighur 2."

The anti-bot method that implemented by JaGeX isn't very accurate, lots of people that have
Spiritual Warrior alts are falsed banned for being logged in for so long, and since thats a method of
farming "gold" it's detected as a "bot farm account." Such as rsn: Angler, she has gotten her banned quashed as you can see on their twitter.

They are not a skiller, they lurk in world 2
and my friend has been scammed by other people in that world, not to mention that "Malt Lickeys" rank 1 slayer
autoclicked thieving, and "Heartless G" tried to sell his rank 9 slayer and top page mining account for 2,000$ on playerauctions as I confirmed with
top page player "DumbFounded" in 2019.

something needs to be done to these people for RWT. Malt Lickey also openly admits to botting and is another person who chooses to instigate
this person which is causing severe mental health issues for him. If someone did 5 years in prison for threats on RuneScape, this should fall under
that Rule.

Proof of Malt admitting to botting:


Sleighur has said that this is the ahk script that was used (keep in mind this was used by him when JaGeX didn't ban people who used AHK, such as Frublox (he was shortly permanently banned
soon after probably due to being in Solace and the Mod Jeb scandal, The time of this was 2018. This is all events
that happened prior to the pandemic, from 2018-2020 New Year.
ahk hold down button number 1 script:

    KeyWait LButton, T0.5
    If ErrorLevel
        While GetKeyState("LButton", "P"){
            Sleep 25

SetTimer, PressTheKey, 30

Send, {1} 

ahk scroll wheel script: 
Simple AHK script to fletch darts using the mousewheel
Usage: Place tips and feathers side by side horizontally
in any two inventory slots

Coordmode, Mouse, Window
SendMode Input
SetTimer, Reset, 100
global Count := 1

#If WinActive("OSBuddy")


    if Count(4, 1) OR Count(4, 3)
        Click Left
    else if Count(4, 2)
        MouseMove, 40, 0, 0, R
    else if Count(4, 4)
MouseMove, -40, 0, 0, R


If (A_TimeSinceThisHotkey > 600)
    Count := 1

Count(Limit, Check) {
If (Count = Check) {
    Count := ((Count >= Limit) ? 1 : Count + 1)
    Return True
Return False


TLDR; said user has broken 5 RuneScape rules resulting in a Twisted Bow and 10,000$ being scammed, nothing has been done to that persons account.