Username(s): SleepTheGod, recogniz3, Doc50, Tom Vulture, sweetpea07
Password(s):kibbles1, fatn1gger5, niggernigger1, 666dickhea, Nick5475, th3k3y, abc123,  (basically anything in 1337speak will bruteforce this idiots password)
I.P. Addresses:,,

Let this be a wake up call to the so called hackers in this scene who can't even figure out basic opsec

ip: ""
 hostname: ""
 city: "Salisbury"
 region: "Maryland"
 country: "US"
 loc: "38.3607,-75.5994"
 org: "AS7922 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC"
 postal: "21801"
 timezone: "America/New_York"
 asn: Object
 asn: "AS7922"
 name: "Comcast Cable Communications, LLC"
 domain: ""
 route: ""
 type: "isp"
 company: Object
 name: "Comcast Cable Communications, LLC"
 domain: ""
 type: "isp"
 privacy: Object
 vpn: false
 proxy: false
 tor: false
 relay: false
 hosting: false
 abuse: Object
 address: "US, NJ, Mount Laurel, 1800 Bishops Gate Blvd, 08054"
 country: "US"
 email: ""
 name: "Network Abuse and Policy Observance"
 network: ""
 phone: "+1-888-565-4329"
 domains: Object
 total: 0
 domains: Array