This overweight female is a close ally of the well known aged brown farmer. She is a used accessory And is also a victim of the Wuhan NYC hate 
crime spree. EVEN THOUGH she is not of chink
Origin; 4 dark-skinned men approached this
 woman near 14th st station and threw her on 
The subway tracks, mistaking her for being of
Gook inheritance. She and 8 other wuhanese
were then spat on and molested by said black
Man - Xander Nazon, the infamous Howard 
university graduate and poverty endorser.
The long gone brown female can be held 
responsible for this. She had lost her front tooth from this incident as well, was punched
In mouth by Clay Akin the infamous Pratt and NYU Rapist, for mistaking her for being a 

Madeline Benfield

Age 22 (Sep 1999)

735 Brookwoods Trce Sandy Spgs, GA 30342

Mother: Elaine Audrey Benfield

Father: Steve Scott Benfield