Personal Important Information:

Reason For Dox (This dox is way past old, I could of dox him in 2017 when everyone was active. Scene is dead now and but oh well ill still drop...): I never actually had beef with him, but him and his suck buddies started it. Claims im a skid and shit talker, threatening me, telling me to kill myself and quit contributing to communies. Now he will not contribute anything anymore i will make sure of that. I got mostly all his shit skid sources to be release soon... 

Merch Website:
IP Address: I had his ip, but lost it. (If i find it again, i will either edit it or if not i will add a comment for it...)
Email Address:
First & Last Name: Justin Horn
Address: 6943 Hawkins Rd Sarasota Florida 34241
Street View:,+Sarasota,+FL+34241/@27.2622906,-82.4325752,3a,75y,353.17h,87.81t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1srPFDZESl4UpgVbUMFKJEjw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x88c34688089d1443:0x8a4a417636e9e48d!8m2!3d27.26304!4d-82.432639
Phone Number: 941-487-8448
Gender: Male
Age: 22 (Around 2017)
New Age (Did the math): 25 or 26 (2020-21)
Breaches: (Pwned in 9 data breaches and found 2 pastes) ( Account (Hacked by Email Address: Password: sammey1

Back Story Information:

Languages He Codes In: Well i do not care about this faggot much, but he codes gta mod menus so gta is c++. Not just only gta some other games aswell. He makes some tools as i did some research and found looks like c# too.

What he does for fun: He a PC/PS3/RGH Modder since 2014-2021, And he also thinks he can be a artist lol. (Yes, i seen your "private" shit...)
Disposable Email Checker: Output: ( is not a disposable e-mail address.)

Quick Social Enginneering (Most Likely Him):

Xbox: TuNe Swizzy
PSN (OG): SwizzyPlays 
Discord: Swizzy#8153
Twitter: @SwizzyPlays (Email found in breach on this hacker forum aswell.) (First Main Channel) (Other Channel) (Other Channel) (Aw he likes minecraft xd.) (This ugly ass bitch he call a girlfriend.)

Quick Social Enginneering (Most Likely Not Him): (Most likely not him, but possible.) (Most likely not him, but possible.) (Most likely not him, but possible.)