im gonna say this like this
your clearly scared for what ever reason 
if this is who i think it is then LMFAO enjoy being doxxed

LMFAO wanna show proof of me being a pedo?
or just believe what OJ said, 
any proof you bring can be disproven very easily also why bring up Cweam Team?
anyway @me on twitter lmfao

DOB: 08/12/2000 im not 21 yet lmfao 
Full Name: Kaleb Henderson (only person to say mccormick is oj himself)
Alias: EXXPLOITING, Angel 0f Sln (theres a lot more then this lmfao)

where i dropped the same info cuz your harmless and cant do anything to me

and if this is oj LMFAO why are you starting beef up again after you got bullied to the point of cutting
like calling me out for being 20 when im open about my age is dumb and to top it didnt you date Starled who was only 15 at the time?
while your 2 months younger then me still being a 20 year old?
doesnt make much since ngl 
and what about sinner truth didnt you claim he would back you and had proof of me being a pedo?
for his proof to be some kid called xray to say he never seen me in his life? 
and then defend me LMFAO

and if talking to people over discord and xbox makes me a pedo then funny 

anyway if this is oj 

> GT: Imsenn
Name: Oliver James Hammond
Age:18 - 19 
Number: +44 7710 282224
Address: 56 Cowdire Way, Chelmsford
New Addy : 
Education: Dropout 
Height: 6,2, 
Weight: 212kg (updated)

snap : ojh09
Xbox's : Unity OJ, Imsenn, ojh09
Discord : sen#0001

>Pics of him being retarded lmfao
him doing a username search being me on tinder lmfao) 

> SQAs
Nickname: ollie

>Other Gts
Unity OJ

> Family
Mother: Mrs. Joanne Hammond
Age Range: 50-54
Landline: +441245462661
Instagram: removed)

Father: Mr. Stuart James Hammond
Age Range: 55-59
Landline: +441245462661

>Email Stuff