Behind the scenes
A romanian fraudster called Andrei Dobrei has attempted ( not a valid attempt if u ask me ) to crack something he has no knownledge over,
after failing such activity and gotten auto-banned by our algorithm,
he had to come up with bullshit just to undermine someone he hates that much that he is willing to spend hours if not days to blow him/her up and at the end of this, still failing to blow anyhing else than the bullshit flying out of his mouth.
Dear Andrei, don't be pissed off, it's just business after all. Maybe you should get a physical hobby to eliminate the negative attidute of yours. P.S. masturbating 5 times a day is not healthy either.
At the end of the day, I win, you lose. And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. So now cut the bullshit or this will get extended by 1000 kilobytes including your family and real life relationships.
Honestly writing this "behind the scenes" -novel took me more time than gathering your basic online information including home address. So now think if you are willing to annoy me that much that I would be more than happy to document your entire personal life.
Consider this as a friend reminder you might wanna shut the fuck up and mind your own business πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Now I got a bunch of skids after me, thanks to you. I guess my "career" is over in the cs:go cheating scene
Warmest regards,


First name β†’ Andrei
Last name β†’ Dobrei

Address β†’ Blv mamaia nr 79
Postal code  β†’ 900500
City β†’ Constanta
Country β†’ Romanian

Statical IPv4 β†’

GPU β†’ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
CPU β†’ Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz
CPU ID β†’ 49656E6900000016BFEBFBFF7FFAFBFF

memes of his dangerous analyzing crew:

white β€” Yesterday at 12:23 AM
apparently one of the guys is buying a bmw
what a fuckin asshole

>> I guess I am a fuckin asshole then and I'm glad you brought it to everyone
>> Have you calculated the sum of fucks given by us? No? Well it's a solid zero πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚