Abused his fiancé . Into race-play. Calls herthe hard R and other various things..
Also keeps her in a cage. He calls her his 
House slave (chat logs deleted)
Also hits her every time she isn’t feeling it anymore and stands up for herself.

Neighbors complain about him yelling racial 
slurs almost daily and there was even a 
Viral tiktok posted where one of his neighbors went to his house to confront him.

employed at off-brand pizza parlor
engaged with nigger pic proof


Sucks at guitar and has negative 
follow/follower ratio on IG

Gabe X Schaffer

Age 25 (Mar 1977)

3040 Fleetwood Ave Baltimore MD 21214

Phone Numbers
(410) 444-8915 - Landline

IG: @gababafart

Previous Addresses
4308 Garland Ave
Nottingham, MD 21236
(Jun 2011)

Family tree:

Linda Ann Spessato, Lisa Marie Harper, Mark A Schaffer, Mark Anthony Schaffer, James W Schaffer, Jennifer Lee Schaffer, Jerry Eugene Schaffer, Melissa L Schaffer, Michael S Schaffer, Sherry Jean Schaffer, William Jacob Schaffer Jr

Part of his circle:

Robert Lee Harper, Clare L Glenn, Darren M Spessato, Elsie D Spessato, Elsie D Spessato Sr, Eric A Spessato Sr, Eric A Spessato, Erik J Novak, James N Glenn, Jason Michael Ratliff, Jenifer M League, Kimberly Elaine Fields, Larry Spessato Jr, Lawrence W Spessato Jr, Lawrence W Spessato Sr, Lawrence W Spessato Sr, Mary A Zahn, Peggy Lin Oliver, Robert C Nowak, Stephen S Glenn