Staff edit: You cannot claim this stuff about a person with NO proof. It makes no sense that you think we would be able to keep this up.
Information has been removed until proof is given. Contact with proof. 

= Reason for DOX: Asking girls 13-14 for nudes harrasing them and being racist, homophobic, and a predator overall
I will also mention upon being asked why he was asking girls for nudes and trying to hack accounts to get them aswell 
as dating some girl just to have sex and leave he said "I'm gonna kms" and is trying to get away with it

----- About -----
Full Name:**********
Home Address:**********
City: **********
Country: **********
Socials:**********/**********/ snap: **********

----- Relatives -----
Mom: **********, Or **********
Social Media:**********
Dad:**********, Or **********
Social Media:**********

----- Occupancy -----
Persons Job:
Moms Job:unemployed
Dads Job:**********

----- Telephone Numbers -----
Cell #:**********

----- Education -----
School #:**********

----- Photos -----
Photo of said person:**********/photos/**********.**********/**********a couple years ago
Photo of house:**********/**********/home/**********
Photo of school:**********
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