ok so like ive been having rlly weird dreams & i mean rlly weird? i keep having thoughts abt the future & government & shit and its making me extremely paranoid bc my last pc got taken by the cops bc i had some shit on there abt mccans whereabouts & things on jeffreys mansion. (there were pics of these kids pouring water into a fountain thing like a cult & it just proved jeffrey had a trafficking thing going on uwu) *i can find them for u. theyve been removed off all searches owo*

anywayzzz i had a dream that a giant cruise ship will sink while going thru tht bermuda triangle in 2022 & that only a few ppl survived & they all heard strange noises from underwater w. the alarm going off & the passengers that didnt survive there bodies werent found like they just vanished? the boat wont b found & neither will the ppl? idk why i keep having these weird ass dreams but if they come true im literally leaving earth so the government dont take me away LMFAOOO 

ive had unexplained instances where ive dreamt of things that have happened before its happenec & i tell ppl abt it & some of them believe me but its just odd bc ive had weird experiences where someone saw what i looked like & saw what i was doing but my computer didnt have a camera (it was a rlly old acer pc in 2014) & i looked out my window & they typed to me what i was wearing & i literally cant explain it & i havent told any1. ive had someone hide near a water tank in my backyard, and someone stand up the street walking in circles & staring at me.

like i literally go thru all these weird ass things & whenever i try to tell someone they shut me out & label me as crazy but ill literally do a lie detector test & pass like i have b4 & thats when ppl started looking @ me like im not crazy LMFAOOOO