@everyone to any one in the "com." i'm leaving. you people are so horrifically braindead and such blatant failures as human beings that i can n longer associate myself with you. I will be happy to keep in touch with my friends if you are in Coven, but other than that I am done. I have not been doxed, and will never be. 
I truly thought you people were better instead of just going with the Teresa Flores route that about 10 other people have done. It even said in the doxbin "dox" that my last name was "Sanchez"-- It's not, it's Chavez-- and that I have 0 relation to this woman Teresa. If people in this com have failed this hard, I can no longer stick around. I have talked massive amounts of shit, and yet when I get doxed it's an absolute fail. It's truly embarrassing. It's been fun, but you all truly sicken me. Once again, I'll be around periodically in Coven, but other than that I'm done with Discord and this lame excuse of a com. I hope you all grow up someday and recognize the internet is not a place where you will find success or fame, but a place that leads you to become an idiot, a nobody, and a fucking loser. Goodbye.

This was my message in my Discord Server. I am done with com. When people start larping as you to make you look bad, you get second hand embarrassment. That's what you people have done. Embarrassed me so bad with your idiocy, or skidiocy, if you will ;) that I am leaving. I leave you all with my true last name, Chavez, and that I live in Springfield, MO.
I sit comfortably in my bed with my fiancée, and a 7000 square foot house off Lake Springfield.
I sit with a net worth of $22.2 Million USD, a fortune I made off investing and my work. I am 20 years old, with an IQ of 130*. Call me a larp, or whatever you people do when someone is more successful in life than you. But I simply hope that you lot will lose your ego, grow up, and do something with your lives. A near impossible chance of you, yourself of being born, yet here you are. On SkidBin. Please realize you people have been nothing but entertainment to a person with ADHD that will forever be infinitely smarter than you will. I am leaving LWA, and will now be Living With Attitude, get it? Anyways, to the skids reading this, take care!