End all Mind Control and Psychotronic Hacking #flushyourmeds ..... ;
Computers and TVs are PSYCHOTRONIC SCALAR / LILLY WAVE Mind Control
Warfare Devices , EMF Blanket from Aluminum Foil, 12by12 Wood, Duct Tape,
Vynil Print Out, Humanfirewall*com Ray Chip, Less Drivers is Better ... ;
The Mind has No Firewall and can also be Hacked as well Via RNM ... ;
Get a Vintage Edison Long Wire and Turn That ON Also ... ;
Be in front of a Window where there is Sunlight and The SUN ... ;
Propper Hygiene , Unplug and USE ONLY RAM DISK Mode ... ;
The Uni Bomber was kind of Right about Those Zios and Stuff ... ;
END ALL HACKING by Scott A. Barry / Scott Barry / Scott A Barry
End All Hacking - End All Hacking For Targeted Individuals ;
You get better numbers on Arm and Mips as well for this ... ;
Only on Linux or FreeBSD or Microkernel Though as shown ... ;
This is an End All Hacking Guide for Targeted Individuals .. ;
Use the God Tone : speaker-test -t sine -f 963 -l 100000000 ;Erase drives with yes >/dev/sdx ; fdisk -l ;
gparted ;Get around cloud restrictions w split f.ext -b 250M ... ;Encode data as base64/32 cat f.ext | base64/32 --decode ;
As a Targeted Individual, you can put an end to being hacked.Gang Stalkers want to use up your head space and Time ... ;
Most Security Flaws are caused by Additional Drivers, DUH ;
Ventoy can be found on Ventoy*net as it is Free, Just Like Linuxis Free and Open Source Software and Easy to Use ... ;
Okay, let's begin, if you haven't already install Ventoy to theSSD or USB Flash Drive, then Install Calculate Linux XFCE
andSkywave Linux 4.1.0 or Later, this will mitigate everything toRAM Disk, then what you do on Skywave is Spoof The
Mac Addressto F4/Random, Set the DNS to 456011, Run Sudo Remover ShellScript BASH, Install Ublock Origin and
Privacy Badger and noticebetter numbers with Skywave as shown on BrowserAudit*com andBrax*me/Geo ... ;
This will block the Exploits and it lacksunessential drivers, less drivers is the trick to put an end toBeing hacked, Mute
the Mic Also ... ;
One optional thing is do disable Dark Reader, this will clearthe Cache every Program Close I put the Code for Sudo Remover
Below, Use 7z Encryption for Password Managers and Lock Perma*ccAccounts with date | md5sum | base64 followed by an
(=) as thiswill stop them from hacking Certain Accounts ... ;I use a PW with Special Characters, Case Sensitive, Long, also
Passwords are becoming useless, so use a USB Key, also Use aPrivate Linode VPN as this is much better than say crappy
Tor orI2P or that overly used Public VPN, get your own VPN ... ;Below is sr.sh / sudo -i The Sudo Remover Shell Script ... ;
True Random form date | md5sum | base64 followed by (=) ... ;BrowserAudit*com shows 10 instead of 20/19 with 1 Crit ... ;
This was discovered by accident, just apply this Audit ... ;
Zionists Censor Code by Scott A. Barry / Scott Barry ..... ; Chmod -R 777 unlocks Everything Else ... ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/su ;chmod -R 000 /sbin/su ;chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/su ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/su ;chmod -R 000 /bin/sudo ;chmod -R 000 /sbin/sudo ;chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/sudo ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/sudo ;chmod -R 000 /bin/sudoedit ;chmod -R 000 /sbin/sudoedit ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/sudoedit ;chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/sudoedit ;chmod -R 000 /bin/gksudo ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/gksudo ;chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/gksudo ;chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/gksudo ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/doas ;chmod -R 000 /sbin/doas ;chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/doas ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/doas ;chmod -R 000 /bin/passwd ;chmod -R 000 /sbin/passwd ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/passwd ;chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/passwd ;chmod -R 000 /bin/bluetooth ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/bluetooth ;chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/bluetooth ;chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/bluetooth ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/bluetoothd ;chmod -R 000 /sbin/bluetoothd ;chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/bluetoothd ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/bluetoothd ;chmod -R 000 /bin/cupsd ;chmod -R 000 /sbin/cupsd ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/cupsd ;chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/cupsd ;chmod -R 000 /bin/ssh-agent ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/ssh-agent ;chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/ssh-agent ;chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/ssh-agnet ;
chmod -R 000 /etc/avahi ;chmod -R 000 /etc/avahi-daemon ;chmod -R 000 /etc/default/avahi ;
chmod -R 000 /etc/default/avahi-daemon ;