Better Numbers for Targeted Individuals ... Organized Stalking … Gang Stalking … ;
Better Numbers by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry #flushyourmeds … ;
I found that if I remove Several Device Drivers from Kernel ( Skywave Linux ) I get 
better overal Numbers with Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger Installed and tested now 
on BrowserAudit*com and Brax*me/Geo both sites show this to be so … ;
Ventoy*net is the Tool I use Personally for all of my ISO Boot Systems to Load … ;
How do I as a Targeted Individual who is under Organized Gang Stalking get better 
numbers??? Change Device Drivers, Change Kernel, Change Operating System, that’s 
the final answer … So we have to Boot Ventoy into Skywave Linux 4.1.0 and image it 
in Calculate Linux XFCE … That’s how we do it, Spoof the Mac Address to F4/Random 
and set a 456011 DNS Address, then install Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger, then 
Disable the Microphone in the Sound Settings then do an SSH Tunnel or Private 
Linode VPN, because Tor, I2P, and Publics are all Compromised PERIOD … ;
If Rob Braxman suddenly dies there is BrowserAudit*com instead of Brax*me/Geo ;
BrowserAudit*com + Ublock Origin + Privacy Badger + Skywave Linux = Better #’s ;
From these numbers we see no serious issues as this is the Lazy Working Method ;
Arm, Mips, and Sparc are also good alternatives to the X86_X64 Back-Door … ;
Also salt those accounts with : date | md5sum | base64 folled by (=) Perma*cc … ;
I am a Craptivist Whistleblower TI and Rite Aid Does not Fucking Recycle … ;
CFLs do not work , Thank Humanity for Long Wire Vintage Edisons … ;
9/11 was Done by the Mossad, Not Five Guys Burgers, Total Mossad OP … ;