Antifa and Communism are Both Jewish #flushyourmeds … ;
by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ;
Scott Alan Barry is a Fringe Writer of All Fringe … ;
I had a bad encounter with a Citizens On Patrol, Neighborhood Watch,
Infraguard, Antifa, Marxist, Communist, SJW, Liberal Gang Stalker … ;
We are in an Economic Crisis and he goes on on how I should not
have a first amendment and how he has better property and stuff
than me and various other forms of superficial shit about my life … ;
This pissed me off to the point where I just said : FUCK YOU
Fuck Off and Fuck You So and So and Moved on with my life … ;
The dickweed somehow got the address of me and was acting out
confronting me over how he had better property than me and other
useless superficial shit that no one cares about and random crap … ;
These Jocks, Idiots, and Nobodies are Part of COINTELPRO of FBI … ;
They are also Zionist and Part of MK-Ultra of the CIA and Mossad … ;
They have a beta-male Jock Mentality, they watch the corporate media
which is Jew Controlled BTW, not Archive/Odysee/Bitchute/Rumble … ;
I am already ahead of these Assholes Alphanumberic PW, BIOS PW,
De-Googled, F-Droid NetGuard, Linux/Ventoy/Veracrypt/Luks/Geli … ;
These COINTELPRO CIA MKULTRA Assholes Can go Fuck Themselves … ;
Fucking know how to use a One-Time Pad A-Z-0-10-SP*RANDOM3DIGIT ... ;
And BTW Psychiatry is a Fruad and The Holocaust Never Fucking Happened … ;
“Little do they know that they will die shit and cum
and become a telepathic ghost.” —Anon Said This I Give Partial Credit To … ;
These degenerates only want a reaction, they are not even intimidating only
annoying, everything they said was superficial and very very unimportant … ;