A True Story? #flushyourmeds

The Mandella Effect and Jews Manipulating all Press … ;

by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ;

Scott Alan Barry is a Fringe Write of All Fringe … ;


They are changing the Internet GE had a Linux Distro … ;

I’m gonna call this the Mandella Effect Not on IA or eBay … ;

It was a CLI Unix or Linux or Minix depending on what

Denension you are in based on Mandella Effect … ;

"cops confiscated my magnesium supplements"

“I was confronted at gun point during my psych evaluation”

“A PI gave me a Cheese Burger and a Psych Med”

“I said no and and got the USSS Secret Service to leave”

“My family members gave up their property to a cult”

“My family wants to kill all holocaust deniers”

“people are shit, society sucks, you die, then you become telepathic”

“post a bond as an sf-25 and pleading the fifth is the answer”

“everything is a fucking scam, religion is a cult”

“all life is is Uniform Com Code and then you die”

“when you die you just become a Telepathic Ghost”

“Martians destroyed Earth, Jews Censor The Press”

“Six Jewish Corporations Control The Press”

They are : GE (Heli OS) Viacom Time Warner Newscorp CBS DISNEY

Heli OS is a Shitty Linux Disto by General Electric and then you die.

Life is shit, then you die, then you shit and piss as a Telepathic Ghost.