full name: Susan D. Wojcicki

Address: 10990 Rochester Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90024

DOB: July 5th, 1968 (53 years old)

ZIP code: Los Angeles, CA 90024

Picture of the apartment: https://www.apartments.com/10990-rochester-ave-los-angeles-ca/5gpb3sn/

apartment contact/office number: (866) 851-7169 

Reason: OKAY so I know this is not that much info but its the all the info I can Prove to be legit. the other post I see on doxbin are Either outdated Or just have no way of proving to be correct
the address I posted can be proven to be legit

Another reason: For being an oversensitive liberal as well as a Karen who can not take criticism. Also she took away dislikes on YouTube