I am done #flushyourmeds

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is Enemy of the State under Organized Stalking for Questioning The

Holocaust when there are No Wartime Documents of it …

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Why The Hell is Holocaust Denial A Mental Illness and Even Illegal???

by Scott A. Barry / Scott Barry / Scott A Barry ;

by Scott Alan Barry The Holocaust Denier … ;

I am done with Zionism / Israel / Democrats / Republicans ;

I am done with Holocaust Believers who Stalk US … ;

Fuck All of you Zionists and Television Radio Heads … ;

I have watched Zero Hollywood Movies Lately Also … ;

You people are brainwashed by Six J Media Companies … ;

I watch Zero Television and Go To Dtube/Archive/Odysee/Bitchute ;

I am done with any Cult that Believes in The Holocaust is Zionist ;

My family is involved in Credit Fraud had to use Experian

and The Other One to do credit freeze, Insurance Fraud,

Organized Stalking, I am rejected by society/family … ;

I had to renew my debits, they kept doing Derby Jackpot ;

They can’t stop a simple bank renewel and change of code … ;

These Cunts can eat a Jews and Albinos Dick For All I Care … ;

Our Tax Dollars are going to Stalking Holocaust Deniers or

Anyone who Thinks that Communism and Marxism is Jewish or

That Karl Marx is a Jew or Rite Aid Does Not Recycle or

That the Mossad and Israel Did 9-11-2001 Attacks … ;

I am a Straight White Man Who Denies The Holocaust … ;

I am fed up with all the Stalking Shit by THE ADL … ;

The ADL wrote smear articles on us Free Thinkers who

had the Balls to Actually Question The History … ;

They shut down our Paypals and Squarespace Websites over

Mere Politics AKA Holocaust Denial the most senseless crime … ;

Install Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, and DecentralEyes ;

Use a PW Manager and Encrypted 7zip/Veracrypt File … ;

Use One-Time Pads and Alien Characters for Pen … ;

Run your OS on Ram Disk with Something like Ventoy ;

Psychiatry is Political Pseudoscience, because of it,

I am Brain Damaged, Can’t Drive, On SSI, Froze my Credit

with Experian and The Other One for Credit … ;

I had to renew my debits a few times I am powerless,

becuase I am Brain Damaged, because my parents pushed me

into Forced Drugging and Psychiatry and I am Powerless …

You beta-male Furry Freak Faggots in the Sonic, Gamer,

Commentary Fag Community Waste your Time with Stupid

Batch Files and Never Even Heard of BSD/UNIX/LINUX … ;

I am a Straigh White Male Goy and Holocaust Denier … ;

You script kiddies need to do more Capture The Flags,

You need to Stop Using Windows, You need to learn to

Code in Other Languages, You need to Learn Unix and Linux,

You need to Take INE or HacktheBox which are Free … ;

I have no time for Fail Doxxers who Make Up Fake Info … ;

Last Time you got alll of the Information Wrong … ;

Also Networkd-Dispatcher and Polkit-Pkexec are 12 Octade ;

Old Security Flaws in Linux along with Systemd, Okay … ;

(NoSystemd*org) a Good Resource for Things Non-Debian … ;

These Six Jewish Companies and Jewish Hollywood

are Re-writing History just as the Victors Did :


I gave up on TV and Mainstream Radio Years Ago … ;

Now I am disowned by Family and Enemy of the State for

Blatent Holocaust Denial a DSM Five Mental Illness … ;

I am on a Terrorist WL for Blatent Holocaust Denial … ;

The Freemasons and Zionist Script Kiddies Targeting Me … ;

I am done with Zionism, Israel, Jewish Supremacy,

Jewish Supremacism, I am non-partisan and done

with the Fake Democrats and Republicans … ;

Trump, Biden, Bush, Obama = ALL SAME ZIOS ;

I am getting death threats from former CIA over ;

my Holocuast Denial when there are no Wartime ;

Documents at Auschwitz of a Holocaust Period ;

You people actually believe in The Holocaust of

6 million less jews when there are no War Time

Documents at Auschwitz to Prove it … ;

Karl Marx Was a Jew, Harvey Weinstein was a Jew ;

Communism was Always Jewish and I am simply ;

Enemy of the State for Denying the Holocaust ;

My family disowned me for Denying the Holocaust ;

Why is Holocaust Denial Against The Law ;

That is Anti-First-Amendment Period ;

Then we have Prohibition a Senseless Law ;

Then we have laws against Atheism and such ;

David Duke was Arrested over politics ;

Also Psychiatry used to lobotomize Holocaust Deniers ;

and now Holocaust Denial is a Mental Illness … ;

B’nai B’rith of the ADL makes such senseless shit up ;

The Zionist Takeover has gone way too far Period ;

Where I become a TI Enemy of the State to undergo ;

Organized Stalking and be disowned by my family ;

becuase I deny the holocaust and think Communism ;

is a Jewish Based System and Karl Marx Being a Jew ;

I was always a non-partisan and Holocaust Denier ;

Even David Irving said there are no Wartime Docs ;

This shit is getting to old where even a family member ;

said Holocaust Deniers are Going to Hell and that ;

Holocaust Denial should be a Capital Crime Punishable ;

By Death Penalty he said that just this morning ;

No Wonder Why our Tax Dollars go to a Zionist Stasis ;

System based on Freemasonic Sheriff’s Dept and CIA ;

Organized Stalking over Holocaust Denial The New BS ;

You actually believe a Holocaust Happened and you believe ;

The Jews are God’s Chosen People when Karl Marx was a Jew ;

You are the most rediculous bunch ever , my stalkers are everywhere ;

even my family is stalking me over useless politics and beliefs ;

Your passive aggressive shit is getting really fucking old … ;

My other family member was homeless when he had a supportive family ;

This shit is getting old, why do they stalk us Holocaust Deniers with ;

Our Tax Dollars , it makes no sense and you know why the Freemasons ;

Sheriff’s Dept , all Zionist and Israeli Based Period Period Period ;

They tried to hack my computer , BIOS Alphanumeric PW , De-Google ;

Everything F-Droid > Netguard , I Run These OSes on Ventoy and am fine :

ArcoLinuxL, Artix L ComGTK, Puppy L Bionic 32, Calculate L xfce,

Eset SysRescue, Kali 32, Skywave L 64 Bit and I spof my Mac Addr to

All F4 with no Networkd-Dispatcher or Polkit-Pkexec and 456012 DNS ;

You waste all you time and Tax Dollars trying to target Random People

That B’nai B’rith, Mossad, CIA, ADL, SPLC, Freemasons have put on a

Wrongthing List because they did a senseless crime called Whistleblowing

or Holocaust Denial which is a Mental Illness in the DSM Five … ;

Why is Holocaust Denial even illegal or a Mental Illness in the DSM Five … ;

This Secret Society called Freemasonry of the Sheriff’s Dept and B’nai

B’rith controls the world through Zionist Propaganda Brainwashing …

Zionists are the Problem, Israel is the Problem, Palestine is being killed

off and Palestine is a Harmless Entity not a Terrorist Group, The Real

Terrorists are The Mossad, The CIA, The FBI, The DOD/DHS/DIA …

So I am under organized Stalking for Not Being Partisan Left or Right

Not Being a Democrat, Communist, or Republican, They Label us Things

we are not and they always talk shit, They Can’t even Doxx Correctly,

They are the one’s Obsessing Over Holocaust Deniers and Stalking

Harassing other Holocaust Deniers who are on a Gov WL to be

Targeted by The Freemasons, ADL, Sheriff’s Dept, Zionist Rulers …

Tel Aviv is a Safe Haven for Pedophiles and they ignore that too …

Israel is not God’s chosen land, Just Read The Talmud at least for once …