How to swat someone.

Just to remind you guys, I, nor the forum, host providers, staff, affiliates, or sponsors, are responsible for what you do with this method. Just making it clear.

What you're gonna need:
Secure VPN or Tor Browser Bundle
Untraceable AIM account (AOL Messenger)
A D0X on the victim (only address needed)

I personally don't use a VPN, the reason being so is that I'm from the United Kingdom, I'm still almost sure I could be arrested for it, although I haven't been for any of the swats I've done. Nor any of the other things I've done. If you're from the states, use one. 

Alright back to the tutorial, once you've gotten your vpn, connect to it then create a new screen name, once that's done go ahead and sign in. Use either the desktop client or web based, doesn't matter.

Add this contact on AIM:

Now you've added that contact, start a conversation with it saying:
Call 911

Now, it's going to ask you for what you're wanting, your problem & maybe location.
Police. Hostage Situation. [b](Or any other made up situation you can think of)[/b]
Give the victim;s full name & address. [b]LEAVE OUT THE TELEPHONE NUMBER![/b]

You're going to get connected to the local police station/emergency response. 
Basically, what ever you type, the Relayer will tell to the dispatcher. You're going to want to make your situation convincing and prolong their stay at the victims home for as long as possible. Make sure to convince them the victim's life is in danger. They arere going to ask you questions to try and find out how serious the threat is. Be creative, but not unbelievable. A bomb threat is serious, and usually the best option. 
Obviously a bomb threat is quite serious and they'll take it very seriously and approach the house with complete caution. Inevitably though the residents of that home are going to come outside and be told to get on the ground. Within about half hour after they've checked the house out and what not they'll understand it's a hoax. Bear in mind the Relay operator will keep you on the line, so stay on there and keep them occupied.

IF they ask you for a phone number, tell them that if they phone the house you'll shoot. 

And that's pretty much the end of this tutorial.