[ADMIN EDIT: We don't appreciate people that try to scam on our website, the person's IP That posted this is:
 lil scammer using a home connection, kys retard ] 

[IRC & Bots]
IRC Setup(nothing included just an IRC Server): $5
PMA IRC Setup (must have a VPS): $20
PMA IRC Setup (I buy vps): $25
PMA IRC Spot: $15
Kaiten IRC Spot: $30
PMA Vuln List(s): $2 = 1k
PMA IRC Spot with your own private channel with own bots: $20
PMA bot(s): Scanned bots, Will Direct Them To Your IRC 2k $10
[Best Bots]
(More stable & hits WAY harder than Pma)
Kaiten bot(s): Infected Routers, Will Direct Them To Your IRC $5 per 100 bots
Perl bot(s): Bought Servers, Will Direct Them To Your IRC 700 $60
(For these plans above, I will need your irc ip, port & oper line to make sure they are coming in. After we do it you can change ur irc stuff if need to)
[Methods & Techniques]
- VPN $15 monthly
- Dox a Retard $15
- Databases $50 each
(Twitch, Hitbox, Skype, vStress, IPStresser, Dominos, Kik, psn logins, paypal, snapchat, Facebook, ask.fm, gmail)
All methods are $30 each. All method work 85% of the time And all are updated up to date.
- YouTube Jacking Method
- Kik Jacking Method
- Skype Jacking Method
- Gmail Jacking Method
- Facebook Jacking Method
- PayPal Jacking Method
- Amazon Jacking Method
- Twitter Jacking Method
- Snapchat Jacking Method
- Instagram Jacking Method
- XBL Account Jacking Method
- Pastebin Jacking Method
- Twitch Jacking Method
(All 0days are $250 each)
(Complain? I'll charge 2k)
- Instagram
- TweetDeck
- Mail.com
- Hotmail/Outlook
- Yahoo
- iCloud
- Paypal
- Facebook
- Kik
(These are tools or methods)
- Twitter
- Facebook phone #
- Ask.fm
- Facebook
[Best Jacking Methods]
- Twitter $90
(the token i give you will only work for 1 month and the pstebin i give after u pay explains all & how to use/work. it takes 2-9 days per twitter usually 6)
3 char $5 (letters & numbers)
3 letter $10 (3 letters retard)
[SSN Lookup]
I will lookup anyone's SSN for $6. All I need is Full Name, city, state, zip code
[Credit Cards]
All cards will have $100-150 on each card for $25 each card. Also need a vpn to use card. So where the card is located you have to connect there.
Ex. State: MA  have to have vpn connect to state that the card is from or will not work
[Footprint Mentor]
Footprint is advanced doxing basically so grabbing cc, SSN, resources to use etc... Only for $30
Want in any COD team? Well pay $50 and I'll get you in any team you would like.
[Buy Clan]
All comes with Twitter and YouTube
All teams cost $150
Any teams that have ended I will sell to you.
[Social Media Bots]
- Facebook Profile Followers | Post | Photo | Comment | Like(s) Bot
- Website Facebook Like(s) Bot
- Twitter Followers| Retweets | Favourites | Report for Spam Bot
- YouTube Subscribers | Views | Comments | Like(s) & Dislike(s) Bot
- Instagram Followers | Photo Like(s) Bot
- Google+ Followers Bot
- Pinterest Followers | Like(s) Bot
- SoundCloud Plays | Downloads | Followers | Reposts | Like(s) Bot
- Vimeo Views Bot
- Vine Followers | Like(s) Bot
- Web Traffic Hight Quality | U.S.A. Bot
- Netflix Account Login(s) (LIFETIME)
- Hulu Account Login(s) (LIFETIME)
- Xbox Live Gold Memberships (2 Day) (7 Day) (1 Month) (3 Month) (12 Month)
360/PS3 $100
XB1/PS4 $200
Elgato HD60 $60
Astro A40 $75
Blue Yeti $60
Snowball $35
iPhone 5s/6 $250
Beats (Solos) $130
(I'll need your name, address, city, state, and zip code to send the electronics. UPS or FedEx)