###///!!!----------My--Ramble--In--Shambles----------!!!\\\### ;
I have been frustrated with all the Brainwashed Sheep that do ; 
not know the loopholes in the Capital Gains Tax or that the ;
Damn Income Tax is You Know What You Zionist Cancer Fags ... ;
A crime is merely Commerce and Uniform Commercial Code , ;
You can request a bid bond or get screwed by a Jury your choice ;
Martians have destroyed this planet and used Banking and Usury ;
Hitler Hated the Communist Jews for a Reason and We were Lied to ;
Uniform Commercial Code is Commerical and Contract , ;
You cannot eat at Jewish Country Clubs unless you are Jewish ;
You cannot have more than 3 Passports unless you are Jewish ;
They are the Martians in the Israeli Leadership and Mossad ;
All life is is UCC then you die, then you're a Psychic Ghost ;
This shitty society that Martians Have Created clearly states ;
that the USA was a Corporation in 1871 and George Washington ;
Committed Treason, Rights are an illusion, we made them up ... ;
Martians started the God Myth and the Zionist Agenda of the Jews ;
Systemd is Garbage (nosystemd*org), Iptables is never as good ;
as PF (ghostbsd*org) (nomadbsd*org) Artix Porteus Linux ;
Puppy Linux, Calculate Linux, Kubuntu, Stormos, Haiku OS ;
Sourceforge, Archive OS, KA OS, Embedded Linux, FreeDOS ;
Gotta Love Censorship : Bitchute, LBRY, Dtube, Soundcloud, ;
Odysee, Rumble, Gab, Dissenter, Ublock Origin P Badger ;
Archive*org, Archive*today, Blurb, Kindle Direct Pub ;
Reedsey, Got Kicked off of Lulu, Raspberry Pi, Gitlab, ;
Bitbucket, Fineartamerica, Zazzle is Gay, Sourceforge, ;
Redbubble Shut down my Holocaust Denial Stuff, Some Tard, ;
Use this for Salting Your Data if you like, 420.milk , ;
cat -ne 420.milk | base32 | md5sum | aplay ; only Linux ;
I have had it with Pro Israel Zionist Brainwashing ... ;
Psychiatry is a Zionist Communist Tool Period Period ... ;
Fuck all you Holocaust Educators and CIA Agents + Mossad ;
San Disk Clip Jam MP3 Player SONY ICD-PX 470 ..... ;
My Gear as a Homeless Bum TI is IBM/Lenovo T400/T420 ;
T61/T60/X201/X200 Dell Inspiron 11, Eee PC 1005 HAB, ;
Intel Mini PC Stormos Linux Sourceforge, Eee PC 900A, ;
Acer Aspire Revo, Sennheiser HD1/Momentum, Shitty Sony ;
ICD PX/UX 370/470 , Cell Phone Block it Pockets, Cheap ;
Multimeter, Pliers, Philips Screwdriver, Soldering Iron, ;
Crayola Scissors, Small Phillips, Ammo Can Faraday Can ;
Samsonite Briefcase, Neoprene Bag Small, Airplane Luggage ;
Jewish Supremacism by David Duke and A USA Constitution, ;
my Books I published, My Manifesto, Zionism Exposed, ;
Compact Flash to PCMVIA Reader and PCMVIA Reader ;
Compact Flash SD Micro Multi Card Reader Transcend ;
Some Kingston San Disk USB Flash Drives and Cards ;
Micro USB Cables, Marriott Inn Hotel Pens, Pen Holder,
Flushyourmeds.com Business Cards, 144/151=0.9536 ... ;
Flushyourmeds Mugs From My Merch, Bose 2.2 Vintage,
Long Wire Edison Light Bulbs Vintage Edison Lights ;
1K Dollar Cannon Scanner For Free From Jew ..... ;
Genesis Fan, Never Spend over 6K on a Damn Car ..... ;
EMF blanket made from Vinyl Banner Print, Wood 12x12 ;
Print, Aluminum Foil, Duck Tape, And Blocks the dB ;
1 Inch Neodymium Magnets that Block DEW Attacks ... ;
Gold's Gym Work Out Bench for Grounding From EMF ... ;
Gwee Gym Thing to Work out to Oingo Biongo Pedo Song ;
Haiku OS as an Offline Operating System BeOS ..... ;
i did not read the whole thing and i hate niggers ..... ;
Life is shit, then you die, then you're a Psychic Ghost. ;
Fdroid , LBRY , Bromite , Newpipe , Yubikey , Nitrokey ,
Linux , Custom ROM , long passphrase  20+ , Netguard ,
Wifi Wiggle , BL/WL Mode , Disable Bluetooth and WiFi ,
PFsense , Block IPs with IPTABLES , Gufw In Rej Pub ,
rfkill block bluetoothd ; killall ssh-agent cupsd ; ,
Only use an Ethernet Cable and an Old Modem ..... ;
De-Googling a Phone is a Bad Idea after all , just ;
get a button phone and put it in a block it pocket ;
Flip Phone Button Phone block it pocket ..... ;
Brave/Dissenter/Iridium Ublock origin Privacy Badger ;
Nosystemd*org on Archive*today / Archive*org ..... ;
Stopthepirates*blogspot*com Also Archived .......... ;
Flushyourmeds*com and Antipsychiatry*org also ..... ;
Icedrive/Box/Google/Archive/Homeless Nomad/Wanker ... ;
7z File Encryption is the Best Idea so far with ;
Combined Key Crypto cat -ne f | md5sum ..... ;
Luks Drive Encryption will never be Veracrypt ..... ;
Geli/UFS/ZFS failed on me and FreeBSD was not EXT Ready ;
100 Million Russions VS 6 Million Jews Holocaust is a Hoax ;
The Red Cross Documents are not Evidence Mossad Did 9/11 ;
and Sunk the USS Liberty and did the London Bus Bomb & ;
The Oklahoma City Bombings, and The Jews Run all Usurous ;
Banking and the Media/Press/World Economy and Publishers ;
How could there be any anti semitism if Jews Run + Own It ;
###///!!!----------My--Ramble--In--Shambles----------!!!\\\### ;