Do Not Engage #flushyourmeds … ;

by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ;

They are NO Different Than a Cult or Confidential Informant Period ;

I am referring to “The Cult” that Invades Your Very Privacy + Security ;

Do Not Engage With These Clowns … ; Said by Howard Herring … ;

This will also be advice for Kenny Lum and Liza Nicole Browne … ;

I am a Strong Believer In The Fifth Amendment Period … ;

I got the USSS to Leave with The Word “NO” and It Worked … ;

America is a British Crown Colony Corporation Plead Number Five ;

This includes Cults, The Brainwashed, CIA MKULTRA Mind Control ;

People and The Rest of The Brainwashed Goyim of Planet Earth … ;

The Fifth Amendment IS : “I am invoking my right to remain silent.” ;

“I am a Strong Believer in The Fifth Amendment.” “The Word NO” USSS ;

Both Democrats and Republicans are Controlled Opposition … ;

AIPAC Super PAC Lobby, Chabad-Lubavitch, ADL Bn’ai B’rith, SPLC, Mossad ;

My Narcissistic Cult Blue Pilled Family is : Pro Zionism , Pro Noahide Laws,

Pro Israel, Pro Genocide of Palestine, Pro Jewish Supremacism, Pro Censorship,

They put all drugs into one category with Non-Synthetics, They want Holocaust

Denial to be a Capital Offense Punishable by death for Dial of Holocaust, They

are in a Pro Israel, Pro Zionist Cult and want The Internet to be Censored, they

are responsible for The ADL Censorship of Solargeneral Dot Com and I went

to Archive Dot Org and Music Was Missing off of The Parent Direcotry … ;

These Same Pro Zionist Pro Jewish Supremacy Pro Israel People Censored through the ADL/SPLC and B’nai B’rith … ;

My end all conclusion is to ignore them and go BLA BLA BLA Copulating

Whilst Circumcised … ; Howard Herring Was Right : DO NOT ENGAGE

WITH THESE CLOWNS , These same people Manipulated my Finances … ;

These same people will open credit in your name, They Are Brainwashed … ;

They are Brainwashed Period, That’s All I can Say They Are Exactly To My

Words : Pro Israel , Pro Zionist , Pro Genocide of Palestine , Pro Censorship ;

I had to Freeze My Credit + They Did Nothing + AM A BIGGER ASSHOLE ;

Do Not Engage With Those People Who Are Brainwashed … ;


If you really did not care You Would Not Talk At All Period … ;

Show you really mean it and that you Really Do Not Care … ;

I reject all Blue Pilled Pro Zionist Pro Israel Pro Censorship People … ;

I took the Real Jew Pill Exposing The Jews For Libel and Sodomy … ;

The Jews Started Sodomy Hollywood Sodomy Porn and Sports … ;

The Jews are the Real Scum and The Holocaust Has No Evidence … ;

Not All Jews, Just the One Percent Who Do The USURY Work … ;

Or The Jews in GE, VIACOM, Time Warner, Newscorp, CBS, Disney,

and Hollywood, as well as the Cohen Jews who Suck On Penises … ;

The Jews are the Ones Pushing the Trans Agenda and Critical Race ;

Theory and BLM and Antifa and Marxism and Communism Period … ;

The Jews are the Ones Corrupting Music And Art with Degeneracy … ;

The Jew Pill is The Real Red Pill and Hollywood is Totally Jewish … ;

I am tired of arguing with Brainwashed People who Believe in the Fake ;

Holocaust and want Holocaust Denial to be a Capital Offense … ;

I have rejected them, they have rejected me, they do not know the ;

Confederates Even and how The White Race is the One Founder of USA ;

80+ Years of WWII Lies and a Fake Holocaust that didn’t happen … ;

Apologize to Adolf Hitler for once and quit being so Brainwashed … ;

Why is Holocaust Denial Illegal in 16 Countries and Why Does My Family ;

Want To Make Holocaust Denial A Capital Crime Offense??? ;

Jews Started PORN , Jews Run The Media , Jews Killed Spirituality , ;

Certain Jews are Pedophiles , Karl Marx was a Jew , Communism is ;

Jewish , Mossad Jews Did 9-11, BLM is Funded By Jews … ;

I would like to show you This Podcast and Musical … ;

Do Not Engage W These People , Plead the Fifth , Screw Them … ;

They are a Dumb Cult of Brainwashed Mind Controlled BOTS … ;

The only life advice I have Here so Far … ;

The 1099 OID Process , Be Self Employed and Work on a 1099 … ;

Passive Residual Income , Debit Cards , STEM Jobs Period … ;

They screwed me and put me in the System on Tons of Drugs … ;

These Drugs are Highly Addictive and Turn You into a Zombie … ;

Psychiatry is a Fraud, A Pseudoscience, Choose STEM Instead … ;

Even a Security Guard Pays Better than a Teacher or Shrink … ;

College is a SCAM and People Should Be Self Made Period … ;

Learning Electronics or Programming can be Done AT HOME … ;

So can Learning To Weld or Fix Cars Just With Books Period … ;

How Many Books have YOU Read in the Past Month or Two??? ;

File a UCC-1 , Open A Treasury Direct Account, Do a 1099 Aquisition

A and B , Do a Secured Party Creditors Process , If Busted Post File

and SF-24 Bid Bond , Post A Bond , Plead The Fifth , Lastly :

Antipsychiatry*org / Flushyourmeds*com / Perma*cc … ;

Stopthepirates*blogspot*com / Archive*today*org … ;

I have rejected them, because they want Holocaust Denial to ;

Become A CAPITAL OFFENSE and I Reject Them Fully … ;

They still Cook Their Food in a Microwave Oven Anyways … ;

Simple Q: Who are you trying to be? MA: Give you the Finger … ;