English - Usa based 
https://sinister.ly/                                   (ssssssssssss) 
https://fssquad.com/                                (evil twin of raidforum)
https://www.crackingpro.com/                   (little sister of raidforum)
https://nulledbb.com/                                (no,yes,what !!!)
https://www.nulled.to/                                 (you know it)
https://hackcraze.com/                               (it is have data market)
https://cracking.org/                                  (mother of cracking)
https://www.blackhatworld.com/forums/                (good old 70's)
https://www.high-minded.net /        (German new open forum )
https://www.toolba.se                            (German cracked tool share forum) 
https://www.indonesianbacktrack.or.id/forum/      ( Indonesian hacker forum)

----------russian websites  start here------------
https://www.xaknet.org/forum/            (Russia)
https://blacknet.us/                            (Russia hacker forum )
https://cybhack.net/                            (babushka version of raidforum)
https://center-club.ws/index.php          (cyka blyat version of raidforum) (new  on buisnees but she will make a great career)
https://brute.pw/                                (Russia cracked account )
https://dedicatet.com/                          (Russia)
http://exelab.ru/f/                                (babushka of Russia cracked softwares) (old-matur)
https://forumteam.best/                        (i dunno man it looks similar to me) (Russia edition)
https://gerki.pw/                                   (i dunno man it looks similar to me) (motherland Russia)
https://opencard.us/index.php                (Russia but not about carding )
https://tor4.ml/                                    (Russia: ( i dk how many of this type website more)
https://forum.u-project.pro/                   (Russia - )
https://vavilon.cc                                    Russia 
https://xss.is/                                        one of  oldest russia forum you can found so much think inside 
https://wwh-club.cc/index.php                 oldest Russia forum you can found so much think inside 

-----end of russian website-------

https://hack-life.net/                                          Le forum  (French) 
https://veryleaks.cz/                                            Le cute French forum for leaks 
https://level23hacktools.com/hackers/                Spanish elhackero
https://www.sqorebda3.com/vb/                              el-raid el-hacker habibi (Arabian edition) 
https://x6x.net/                                                      el-raid el-hacker habibi (Arabian edition 2 ) 
https://www.dev-point.com/vb/                                  el-raid el-hacker habibi (Arabian edition 3 Pro) 
https://c-cracking.org/                                       Raidforum Xerxes edition (Persian)
https://fatehgar.org/cc/                                      Raidforum Xerxes edition (Persian 2)
http://guardiran.org/                                         Raidforum Xerxes edition (Persian 3)
https://iran-cyber.net/forums/                           Raidforum Xerxes edition Pro (Persian 4 ) recommented check for this website
https://bbs.kafan.cn/                          I don't  know rick it looks like virus to me.  (not like raidforum just download website)
https://bbs.pediy.com/                        Poor version raid forums

https://siberdeyiz.com/anasayfa                                (Turk version of raidforums market)
https://elithatz.com/                                                 ( Turk version Of raidforums)
http://crackerteam.com/                                            (Turk Account sellers)
https://rstforums.com/forum/                                    Romanian security team website  (have a little market) 
https://crackingitaly.to/ Italian Hacker Forum (Multi-language system )

I search 20 countries and over 1000 websites. Only these websites concepts working like raidforums 
but non of them good like Raidforums.

You can find continue of list in :: https://raidforums.com/Thread-Link-Colle...Clear-Dark