This Remedial, Where do i start. Adrian aka Doxwarz got doxed for chatting shit in 2019; He states how his dox is 
'wrong' however he got ran of the internet by multiple people. He larped multiple teams such as isisgang and mutiple.
on he flexs guns which he does not possess. He has larped as cocaine and loads more. He tends to join
teams for their name so he can than flex it later no matter how shit they were. He is a retarded spik who does not 
have any skills. He is truly harmless as the rest of LWA. Pretty much another pasty anorexic weasel who got wedged
in school who joined the internets hacking scene to roleplay as some sort of IRL Gangster he has no power or skills
online nor in real life the kids a complete waste of his DOXED daddys sperm and honestly the only reason he was
brought to this earth is for us 2 humiliate with no consequences and because his DoXeD Autistic Father bought a 
condom at Family Dollar and the damn thing broke

Edit: i forgot the time where he catfished his girl. Lets also not forget the time he said he was 18 whilst dating
14 y/o...

BWA made him run:

Notice: he will spam comments saying it is fake to make him think it is wrong.

Juicy Part ;)

LWA Draco Expunged :)

Adrian, LWA Draco, Marcelino. You're gone.

Name      : Adrian Marcelino
Age       : (Mentally) 6, (Physically) 17
Address   : 1456 S 14th St Apt A, Sheboygan, WI 53081

Twitter   :
Instagram :
Facebook  :

Photos    :

His family gon get hurt LOL
Mother    : Cassandra Ann Turner (35-39)
Address   : 1456 S 14th St Apt A, Sheboygan, WI 53081
Facebook  :  
age       : 37

Father    : Miguel Gonzalez
Address   : 1456 S 14th St Apt A, Sheboygan, WI 53081
age       : 38
Photos    :,

Other info
 Married to Cassandra Gonzalez since 2007
 Lives in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
 From Santiago Mexquititlán, Queretaro De Arteaga, Mexico
 Miguelito Gonzalez his Uncle
 His Wife Facebook:
 His Facebook :

Dox Mirrors

Yours Truly, The Infamous hacker group