Personal - by Scott A. Barry / Scott Alan Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry / / / ; 
#flushyourmeds *com ; Scott Barry Narcissists are most of the time in Religious Cults.
Religious Cult = Narcissists = Organized Stalking... I remember growing up forced to 
watch Carmen and Bob Larson and be told that a Spiderman Toy had demons in it and that 
you were supposed to hide on Halloween. Then these same family members become a 
Mormon, a Jehovah Witness, or a Pentacostal Snake Person. Some became Seventh Day 
Adventists as well. Those Benny Hill VHS's were kind of retarded too. These people 
actually believe the earth to be less than 12K Years of Age and deny Most Modern 
Science. My Brother sees Atheism is Illogical while I do not believe in God or 
Religion and choose to be that way. This is a message to whomever does read this. 
Also an Atheist and a Targeted Individual on a list. My family and other TIs see 
Atheism is Illogical Trash. At least I am aware that Microwaves kill all Probiotics 
and that Alcohol is habit forming whilst cannabis is not habit forming and these 
bullshitters all lie. Nicole Browne, I heard from you that you were targeted and 
not in any way a Christian and I am an Atheist just to let you know, just this 
religious cult is Narcissistic and forces other Atheists on Depakote and Zyprexa. 
Stay away from Psychiatry and it helps no one ever. Zyprexa has a lawsuit and a 
file Zyprexakills.tar.gz I am going through the same non-consensual human 
experimentation program called Organized Stalking or Gang Stalking for short 
and am an Enemy of the State.
I noticed other TI's in the Fake TI Community will go after other Atheist TI's 
and this is another form of manipulation. My family seems to be in a Narcissistic 
Religious Cult that sees Atheism is illogical. My Brother used to debate me on 
why Atheism was illogical. I would say things like we have Radiometric Carbon 
Dating and that the Earth was 4.54 Billion or more Years old and he would once 
scream the Earth is 6 or 12 Thousand Years old, they used to watch Fox News 
until they attacked Donald Trump. I am sick and tired of hearing Pro Zionism 
Pro Israel Politics and have realized both Democrats and Republicans are Two 
Sides of the Same Coin, This BS Never Stops. These Cults run our Society and 
every part of it. These cult people deny the existence of old fossils. These 
cult people will stalk and harass all Atheists. Other Atheists who are not 
stalked are Partisan. Just a Ramble to make here. They want to break down a 
Targeted Individual they disagree with and cults will target Atheists for sure. 
It used to be believe or die, now it is believe or go to hell and be mobbed out 
of society and elsewhere. Always Question the Status Quo, Question Everything.