`.`      ``           ..`    .hM-    `-`      ..      `.`                       
                                                                  `+dMd:   .sNN:       `-yNMmho/:/hh   `:dMm:   .yNMh.   :dMd:`:o                   
                                                                 +mMMMMM-.sNMMMN-    .sdMMMMMMMMMNo   .hNMMMM:-yNMMMMN-:hNMMMMmM+                   
                                                                 +:/MMMMNmooMMMMd    +MMMd-/+ohMm-      `MMMMNd/ /MMMMNh:`oMMMMy                    
                                                                    MMMMh`  +MMMM    +MMMh   -mN.        MMMMy    MMMMy    MMMMo                    
                                                                    MMMMs   `MMMM    /MMMN+./NMMNy/`     MMMMo    MMMMy    MMMMo                    
                                                                    MMMMs   /MMM/    -NMMMMMmmMMMMM/     NMMMo    MMMMy    MMMMo                    
                                                                    MMMMy  .NMN/       -sMMy` .dMMM/     NMMMo    MMMMy    MMMMs                    
                                                                    MMMMy /NMy.         sN/    yMMM/     mMMMo    MMMMy    MMMMs                    
                                                                    MMMMdhms.         .hMhso+:.hMMM/    .NMMMh`  .MMMMd`   NMMMm--                  
                                                                   :MMMNy:`          :NMMMMMMMNMNho.    hMMMMMy `hMMMMMy   yMMMMm+                  
                                                                  /Nms:`            -hy+//+shmh/`       `:hmy-`  `:hds-`   `odd+`                   
                                                                 sm:`                `      ``             `        `        ``                     
                                                                 My     -o:                                                                         

                                                                Official dox of WRQ by YSM

                                    Greetz to : SP, Nidayko, AlDuelz, Danzo'H, Axwk, Shiryu, Sly, rqm and Fursox!

Reason : So, this men, currently he's 18 y/o, enjoys revenge porn with 14/15 year old girls.

Proof right here --> https://doxbin.org/upload/CleaNoriaah

                                                               So, you will pay for your acts ;).

                      				  		,,                            ,,                   
          				 		`7MMF'    `7MM                     mm     db   mm              
           				   		  MM        MM                     MM          MM              
             				  		  MM   ,M""bMM  .gP"Ya `7MMpMMMb.mmMMmm `7MM mmMMmm `7M'   `MF'
            			  			  MM ,AP    MM ,M'   Yb  MM    MM  MM     MM   MM     VA   ,V  
            			 			  MM 8MI    MM 8M""""""  MM    MM  MM     MM   MM      VA ,V   
            		 				  MM `Mb    MM YM.    ,  MM    MM  MM     MM   MM       VVV    
           		  				.JMML.`Wbmd"MML.`Mbmmd'.JMML  JMML.`Mbmo.JMML. `Mbmo    ,V     

                                                                       Username : WRQ / WRQ_Q
                                                                       Name : Sanquer
                                                                       Surname : Maxime
                                                                       Age : 18 currently.
                                                                       Phone number : +33 6 70 68 15 29
                                                                       City : Mont-De-Marsan / 
Screen : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/828318246477758504/870681216528056330/Capture_decran_2021-07-30_a_16.55.27.png

                                                                       Internet Provider : Orange.
*p : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/828318246477758504/870681699900604426/Capture_decran_2021-07-30_a_16.58.07.png

                                                                       Name MC profile : https://fr.namemc.com/profile/WRQ_Q.6
                                                                       Email : maximesanquer@outlook.fr
                                                                       Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wrqlegrand/
                                                            Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbafPyIkxzKF8nrenWtAHvg?view_as=subscriber

                                                            His old logs into his token : 

Wrq_q [DGDΔ]#2282 (580465298860277779)
Account Info
Email: maximesanquer10@outlook.fr
Phone: +33670681529
Nitro: False
Billing Info: True
PC Info
Username: maxim
Token Location: Discord
Old Token : 

                                                    Info searched by Minecraft DB : 

('whynox__Maxi12', '061e08d5385ce94b726b486e58fecfc136815946a4d2ff2d507b9fef18b342ed', 'maximesanquer@outlook.fr', ''),
('Meft', 'maximesanquer@outlook.fr'),
('meft', '$SHA$6ddccc1c608766c7$70d48685f132e28d4cff3620cf5b74118a0ccb85d9d9eca3e3c8973dbb4c6c3d'),
('Wrq_q', '  '),
2019-03-24 09:48:11.0|Wrq_q           |7e9b8e41-d671-4fb8-b801-a37ca7e7a610|
2019-02-04 13:44:12.0|404Billy        |22c4f8b2-457b-4b30-8021-892fd0829657| |
2017-03-26 12:44:51.0|maxime12        |7e9b8e41-d671-4fb8-b801-a37ca7e7a610|   |

                        His face : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/833400154353696868/870660636588245042/image0-19.png


                I exposed a man, who previously did revenge porn on young girls, far from his current age.

                Many of his victims left in tears, with no possibility of revenge.

                I am doing this act so that they can speak without risking the consequences of this dear Maxime Sanquer.

                                                            Yours, YSM.