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Today we'll be tracing the digital footprint of Jonathan Randal Lang Andersson known online under the alias Keathiz. My first interaction with this individual began late 2021 when he started using the insurance money from his mother's death to ruin a kids game known as Bedwars. (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/964461293127991316/964771928399282186/unknown-264.png)

This isn't uncommon to expect from Jonathan because he has struggled with autism throughout a majority of his life. He also battles gender dysphoria everyday and uses the names Lilyth and Katie.

Ever since his first days on the internet, Jonathan longed to be a scary ddoser hoping to strike fear into ROTMG private servers. In 2017 to 2019, he spent most of his time attempting to make a name for himself as a hardcore ddoser, he failed miserably as he was unable to take anything offline for more than a few seconds. (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/933803421063086130/964775938204250162/Screenshot_20220416-013424.png)

As I mentioned before, Jonathan struggles with autism. With his actions online, he suggests such high autism levels that I am amazed he is still functional. (https://prnt.sc/XbcZho6umcNY) I will document exactly how each piece of information was found to stop any denial of this dox.

As expected, during his time roleplaying, Jonathan wasn't careful with his OPSEC and made many mistakes that would lead to his demise. To start, he publicly shared his email address during his time attempting to terrorize ROTMG servers.


	Although I would have eventually been led to his email address on my own, the carelessness of his own information is a great showcase of his true intelligence. I consulted popular databases in which I quickly found the name Keathiz tied to two emails.



I also came across Jonathan's static IP address: (Halmstad, Halland County, Sweden)

From here we can see that imnotkeathiz@gmail.com is signed up to PayPal. This leads us to the following partial information.

Mobile ‪07•-••• •4 33‬

Using a business account, I was able to request money from the email address to obtain the name associated with the account.


This gave us an initial starting point on Jonathan's name and is one of the many points of failure in his OPSEC. Additionally, adding the username “Keathiz” on Snapchat will confirm further that his name is Jonathan.


From this point, we have a name and a location. Using this, I was able to find an address using Swedish records. There are two residents registered at the address of Gäddvägen 57 302 61 Halmstad (this can be found on multiple sites just by searching the address).

Magnus Roland Andersson (Age 55) and Jonathan Roland Lang Andersson (Age 18)

There are two phone numbers associated with this address which can further confirm that he lives there.

734407433, 734412329 (Swedish)

If you take notice of both the first digit and last two digits of the phone number, it fits the partial phone number on the PayPal account perfectly. In addition, the two residents listed support the earlier statement of Jonathan having no mother.

	I will now guide you through the final section of this story. Starting with the two email addresses I found before, we can begin to investigate their Spotify accounts. Talking to a Spotify support agent, I was  able to acquire the accounts connected to them.


This conversation with Spotify customer support revealed two accounts, one with the name “Keathiz” and one with the name “Katie”.



	Using both of these accounts, I began to gather Jonathan’s family members as he decided that it would be a good idea to follow them on Spotify. I encountered three family members, Simone Lang Helgesson, Marie Lang, and Christoffer Lang, his brother.




Using their profile pictures and full names, I was able to easily find their public Instagram pages.

Just looking at his Instagram page, his brother Chris appears to be a whole nut job. Considering this was Chris, I thought it couldn't get any worse. (Until I saw Jonathan) Below are screenshots and links of the public Instagram pages that I located of his family members.

	Simone Lang Helgesson:



  Christoffer (Chrisy) Lang (Brother):



Finally, we have come to the end. The following links will reveal the face of the most cringe, rejected player of the Bedwars community.



https://prnt.sc/poBbfHPKJHKx (Middle)

Name: Jonathan Randal Lang Andersson

Address: Gäddvägen 57 302 61 Halmstad

Phone: 734407433

DOB: June 17 2003

Snapchat: Keathiz

Discord: Keathiz#9835 (206524478279122945)



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