Teaching how to write custom staged loaders written in C++/WinAPI (30-70kb) 

Every loader will bypass WinDef/Any AV without killing it and load your file from a remote host

No will ever be crypt needed for your file
Undetected in every case 

Every loader you learn to write is custom no 2 loaders the same

Provided with other optional lessons such as:
1. Geofencing (Check for regional language IP and/or keyboard layout before proceeding with execution)
2. Private Methods for persistent downloading incase the user interacting with the binary temporarily disconnects from the internet 
3. How to write a Worm module: currently offering support for CVE-2022-26809 CVE-2017-0144 & CVE 2021 34527
4. Adding a File binder
5. Stealing and/or spoofing Windows file certificates
6. Custom protocol use: ssh/telnet/sftp/smtp/ipfs/irc/timed-channels
7. Understanding Polymorphic functions vs metamorphic functions
8. Fileless runtimes
9. Post-Exploitation ideas concepts and techniques

Price is listed on the page below: only btc is accepted

https://miner lock.com/lock/F0ea57d76f995

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Bismillah Mashallah!