###////!!!-----The-God-Tone-----!!!\\\### ;
The healing power of 963 is an enemy to Jews ;
God is a tool started by Martians and Jews to ;
Divide Humankind and Mankind into Wars ... ;
There is no God , Satan , and when we die we ;
just become Psychic Telepathic Ghosts is all ;
However , 963 is a True and Sacred Tone ... ;
123456789 in lists of three gives 963 Cycles ;
The God Tone Sacred Healing Meditation Linux ;
Solfeggio 963 Cycles Per Second is God Tone ;
speaker-test -t sine -f 963 l 10000000 ;
Can also be made in Audacity and Auditions ... ;
In tribute to Terry Davis Developer of Temple OS ;
This Tone is a Sacred healer and Cleans Water ;
Play this tone to some distilled water w shungite ;
This tone will stop V2K and MKULTRA Stuff Dead ;
The Archons of MKULTRA and COINTELPRO Stopped ;
The God Tone can get rid of Freemasonic Martians ;
95% of Government Mafias are Freemasonic Jews ;
###////!!!-----The-God-Tone-----!!!\\\### ;