@YogSotho YogSotho aka Marco Monicelli has been trollijg soca media pretending he is a hacker for quite some time... beimg  in complete denial abput the fact that everybody makes fum of / humiliates him marco  ontinues to claim shit he cant do which led 2 him and his poor mother 2 being swatted...being the harmless DoXeD SuperTrooper that he isbhe continues to tweet at those who terrprized his family...i. his eyes he is taking some for of revenge but in reality Marc lost... his informatioj got foumd out & he got his local pd called 

SA7AN Bullying @YogSotho after sending police to his house twice!


Old forum posts also proof linking alian2 irl identity



Undeniable info :

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Twitter & General Handle: @YogSotho

Marco Monicelli

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This exploit is NOT new at all because it has been known since 3 years now.


Marco aka Yog-Sotho

Mark Heiligen
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Latest wu-ftpd exploit :-s
Actually it's exactly like I said: 

(Quote from my previous email) 
 but it's now too famous around so AV 
 should be now updated to recognize it or at least a standard version 
 (End of Quote) 

 The file you download from the website is the standard one. If you just 
 had a look at the videoclip found on the link I gave, you could have seen 
 an example of How To make it undetectable. And there are other different 
 ways of achieving that goal. 



this is what i do with hacker defender in Active Directory 

1) download Hacker Defender from the link on Rookit.com 

2) Use Software restriction to get a hash and put a policy 

3) the tools, KHS, FHS, ICE Sword, rkdetector, can find the presencd 

4) Macafee can also find and remove the rootkit 

In a message dated 10/27/2005 2:41:35 AM Central Daylight Time, 
marco.monicelli@marcegaglia.com writes: 
 Dear Alex, 

 that is not really a simple trojan.... it's a 

Re: Latest wu-ftpd exploit :-s

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Old irc logs == YogSothoth [n=YogSotho@] has joined #ubuntu


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Finally Hilarity 

> -----Original Message----- > From: Marco Monicelli [mailto:marco.monicelli@marcegaglia.com] > Sent: 29 June 2004 07:41 > To: Skander Ben Mansour > Cc: 'Monty Ree'; focus-linux@securityfocus.com > Subject: RE: just running tcpdump makes promisc mode? > > > > > > Very right indeed. > > Just two words to say that modern rootkit (pardon me my friend > but Tornkit is pretty old nowadays) now has trojaned binaries > like ps, ls, ifconfig etc which have the same dimension of the > original binaries and are normally based on a master-slave > technique which strongly needs ifconfig not to show the > promisc mode set by the admin. > > At this regard, I will suggest you to google and search for > Superkit or Suckit (the first one coming up on the l33t scene) > which are also open source rootkits!! > > Anyway....Skander's reflections are very right and I > congratulate with him for his good analysis. > > Good work guys! > > Ciao > > Marco Monicelli > MARCEGAGLIA SPA > Sales Department - Automotive > Tel. +39 0376 685369 > Fax. +39 0376 685625 > mail: marco.monicelli@marcegaglia.com > >

BTW stop pretending my names Stam or Zack or any bullshit u googled... u cant dox any1 urself skid and all that public 5 year old info u googled is not even approximately close 2 me or anyone i associate with... u got doxed amd swatted by someone better than u... wiser than u... go home Marco the sherade is up... ur not a hacker OR a criminal... ur a harmless little twitter troll that got carried away with his own  lies for a few years...

but now all is restored and all is well

Urs truly: