Cynical Pirate.... claps cheeks lol, im touchable tho.

------ Chapter 1 : Reasoning -------
You see when I dox people, I usually dox them for a good reason. Wether they are toxic, stupid, or they steal. In this case Emanuele Riboldi stole.
He stole something from someone who I consider very dear and someone who I would like to consider a friend and most importantly a partner!
Me & my friend(I would like to say) are extremely good friends and we share information that nobody else could really have or will know. And so far I could put trust into said friend.
Now lets get to the point. Emanuele Riboldi stole his code and resold it as his, you may ask what did he resell? Keyauth, you can check it out at . Under KeyAuth Licensing you are only allowed to use KeyAuth and its source personally while not making business from it.
So basically using it for only you and yourself and not selling it. But OF COURSE Mr. Riboldi had to take advantage of the mishaps that happened with KeyAuth a couple of weeks ago.
Therefore I will punish him for this. Nobody told me to do this FYI, I just felt like punishing today.

The dox provided to you is in relation with the following dox(s) :

------ Chapter 2 : Background Information -------

Although DiscordM is a paster I have to give him credit, not only is he familiar with PHP and HTML but he also keeps (sorta) good OPSEC. You may be asking "whats OPSEC".
OPSEC is Operation Security which is also known as keeping information to yourself and don't tell anyone anything personal. He didn't tell me anything personal.
So I found it out myself. Using his IP (Internet Protocol) address I was able to look through a good database search website and find a couple revealing facts about him.
Apparently he made 3 accounts on the following domain : . Kinda weird but it's fine I guess, ill let him do his thing. 
Kinda childish that he still plays roblox and cheats on it, I mean I do it from time to time but not a lot. I also noticed that he's Italian so thats dope I guess.
He also likes to paste websites, and when I say paste I mean paste, he used index page to paste an index to his website and just changed the text. He didnt even chnage the boostraps or make anything new.
He uses his real name as one of his usernames so nvm, he has shit opsec looooooooool. Also uses his dads email to register on the website so that was a dead giveaway.
He has weird email names like Sorry its just funny, anyways lets get to the dox shall we?

------ Chapter 3 : Personal Information, Part 1 : Target's Name & Last Name & Age -------

Name : Emanuele

Last Name : Riboldi

Age : 13-14

------ Chapter 3 : Personal Information, Part 2 : Target's Place of Home -------

Address : Via M. da Caravaggio, civ. n. 119 – 80126 Napoli – Italia

Photo's of Targets House :,+80022+Arzano+NA,+Italy/@40.9071964,14.2747738,55m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sVia+M.+da+Caravaggio,+civ.+n.+119+%E2%80%93+80126+Napoli+%E2%80%93+Italia!3m4!1s0x133b0782db04f6a1:0xf41b25a748365a64!8m2!3d40.9071422!4d14.2748436!5m1!1e4

------ Chapter 3 : Personal Information, Part 3 : Photo Evidence ------- ( him failing to dump correctly which resulted in broken css that I had to fix)

------ Chapter 3 : Personal Information, Part 4 : Emails & IP's & Usernames -------

---- Emails ----

---- IP's ---- (static)

---- Usernames ----






------ Chapter 4 : Dad's Information -------

Im going to be honest this was an extremely easy dox to make. A reason for this is because I google dorked his papi's email and found all his info, so lets get to it.

------ Chapter 4 : Dad's Information, Part 1 : Name & Last Name -------

First Name : Francesco

Last Name : Riboldi

------ Chapter 4 : Dad's Information, Part 2 : Address -------

Address : Via M. da Caravaggio, civ. n. 119 – 80126 Napoli – Italia

Business Address : Via Nicola Romeo civ. n. 2 – 80125 Napoli - Italia

------ Chapter 4 : Dad's Information, Part 3 : Sources ------- (took me seconds to get this shit lol, someone translate it pls.)

------ Chapter 4 : Dad's Information, Part 4 : Date of Birth, Gender, Sexual Interest, Nationality -------

Date of Birth : 08/03/1974

Gender : Male

Sexual Interest : Gay as fuck

Nationality : Italian

Favorite Food : Pizza up his asshole with a bit of paremseano!

------ Chapter 4 : Dad's Information, Part 5 : Phone Numbers -------

+39. (tel)
+39. (fax) 
+39. 347.920.58.80

------ Chapter 5 : Conclusion -------

Well thats a wrap up to one homo sexual, I really hope you guys enjoyed this dox of this 15 year old faggot loser.

Love u guys ❤️ -  Cynical Pirate#0002 on Discord