Is full-time employed as a minority used 
 Accessory for females of all backgrounds and colors as well as being the footstool and furniture for likewise females and their counterparts 

Looks at life from a 3rd world country 
perspective, in retrospect his ancestors 
might even originate from likewise 3rd world countries: South Sudan, Libya, Mauritania.

Was also the ringleader of the Union sq st 
station elderly chink attack. Where he made 
These remarkable statements “Wuhan carrier 
bitch why did you give my whole family COVID”
and “go back to your country”

The world is not a competition to this young man as he enjoys being 2nd place. 

Xander Nazon

Age 21 (Jun 2000)

Eugene Lang The new school NY
(Also graduated from Howard)

1013 Salamanca St NW Los Ranchos, NM 87107