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I will include the transcript of the DOC at the BEG of this file ... ;

Name is Everwhere as A Crypto Kike IDF Agent : stormcrow53 in "quotes" ;

F*** Israel LLC 
Apologize to Adolf 
Hitler for 80+ Years 
of WWII Lies. Hitler 
did not start WWII. 
Why is Holocaust 
Denial Illegal in 16 
Countries? Why? 
Anti Psychiatry 
Anti Zionism 

Another Jew #flushyourmeds … ;

Another Jew Wants to Censor All Holocaust Deniers ... ;

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Guess what My Whole Family Disowned Me overy my Holocaust Denial Also … ;

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Americans are under expert brainwashing and Americans are under Expert

Conditioning and Americans are under Expert Propaganda Mind Control … ;

The Jew boasts about how his Grandpa Fought the Nazis During WWII … ;

Yet he makes a death threat to all other Holocaust Deniers Online … ;

Alreaty has 4 Upvotes and 0 Downvotes as of June 13 2022 AD … ;

stormcrow53 to invalid0

All your foul arguments have been refuted. We're tired of listening to
 your lies. So it is either jail or execution. Your choice.