Internet Censorship #flushyourmeds Anti Zionism Anti Society Anti Everything ... ;
by Scott Barry / Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Alan Barry ... ;
As The Internet becomes a Censored Dead Hooker Pedophile Play Thing For Children ... ;
The CIA started the World Wide Wiretap with InQTel and the Military Industrial Complex ... ;
The B'nai B'rith or ADL is censoring anyone who dare questions The Holocaust Story ... ;
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The Internet is becomine a Censored Dead Hooker Pedophile Play Thing for Children ... ;
The Jewish Supremacists CIA Mossad FBI and Zionist Communist Marxists of the ADL SPLC
Mossad NSA CIA DIA DOD DHS Darpa and B'nai B'rith of MKULTRA MK-Ultra and COINTELPRO ;
All Censoring and removing Random Content from the Dead Hooker Inernet the CIA World
Wide Wiretap of Freemasonic Governmental Affairs we are all slaves to Subnet Masking
and we used to just have IMPs and Mainframes , Now we have a Patriot Act and Total
Slavery , Wake Up Fluoride Head Sheeple , All this blue Light Stops you from seeing
Solar Warden , Your Tap Water is Poisoned with Fluoride and they Chemtrail the Skys ... ;
The CIA started the World Wide Wiretap and These Countries are British Crown Colony
Corporations , We never won the American Revolutionary War of Independence , it was
a Freemasonic Back-door deal and these Politicians are All Tyrants Period USA is
a Corporation and your rights are Fictitious and DO NOT EXIST AT ALL ... ;
All you can do is Plead the Fifth Amendment , Say No and file a Bid Bond Period ... ;
So much more can be found out through Astral Projection Both Parties are Rigged
Political Paradigm and Two Sides of the Same Coin aka Feudalism aka Hegalian Dialectic ... ;
Bucky Balls are the clean up crews for Space and they are also found in the Mineral
Shungite also in many Zeolite Supplements ... See my point of 5150 Derp Derp ... ;
Commet Elenin is another one as well as other Random Commets you see in Astral ... ;
You see other people as well telling you Use the Fifth Amendment and File a SF-24 Bid Bond ... ;
Everything is a lie , The Mossad did 9/11 , Israel Did it Derp Derp ... See my point ... ;
What a bunch of Zionists of B'nai B'rith do not want is People Actually being allowed to
Question the Holocaust or Paint Adolf Hitler in a Different Light or point out that
Communism was originally Jewish and that Karl Marx was a Jew and had Jewish Parents ... ;
People have so many experiences that make them realize the history taught is a lie
propagated by the victors , that Communism was Originally Jewish , that Astral Projection
is another form of Telepathy and that when we die Heaven and Hell are Not Real Places ... ;
That God is a Myth Propagated by Zionist Jews and The Whole Culture of Abrahamism ... ;
The Fluoride in peoples heads is another form of Mk-Ultra Mind Control as it seems ... ;
The same people censoring the Internet are Zionists Jews and Freemasonic Governments ... ;
95% of Law Enforcement does some kind of charitable Freemasonry as a Cover as all governments ;
do this to cover up Pedophilia, MK-Ultra, COINTELPRO, Zionist Jewish Agendas etc ... ;
The Real Secret Society is Freemasonry, CIA, B'nai B'rith of the ADL, and CFR*org ... ;
The Mossad and Israeli Jews are the Real Mafias and Terrorists not the Common Goyim ... ;