13:46 <+bulld0g> sp_ke: go fuck yourself and enjoy going to gaol
13:46 <+bulld0g> along w/ your retarded friends
13:46 <+SuchWow> agree with the theory that ppl tryna depress the price
13:46 <+SuchWow> and get ppl to sell here
13:46 <+SuchWow> just to force them to buy back in higher later
13:46 <@stratum> lol
13:46 <+bulld0g> sp_ke: go ahead spam your `restraining order' you dont have
13:46 <@stratum> theyre playing the 'rally is over' audio
13:46 <+bulld0g> or obsess about me some more
13:47 <+SuchWow> you sound totally stable
13:47 <+SuchWow> tell us more
13:47 <+bulld0g> sp_ke: or whie dont you go ahead and spam the 11 pages expert opinion you were so dumb and amoral as to share with them all
13:47 <+teamr> where the suckers that got into bitcoin 2 months ago? lol
13:47 <+bulld0g> its already out there
13:47 <+bulld0g> whie not just share it you fucking coward
13:47 <+SuchWow> who's obsessed with who again
13:47 <+bulld0g> SuchWow: shut the fuck up nobodys talking to you
13:47 <+SuchWow> no ty
13:47 <+SuchWow> answer the question
13:47 <+SuchWow> this is not your personal PM
13:48 <+SuchWow> you're speaking to everyone
13:48 <+SuchWow> therefore, you are actually talking to me
13:48 <+SuchWow> anyhow, continue, sorry to interrupt
13:48 <+bulld0g> sp_ke: are you busy crying to civil?
13:48 <+bulld0g> you know hes not gwan be around for much more just as he hadnt this week
13:48 <+bulld0g> what are you going to do then natalie?
13:48 <+SuchWow> >gwan
13:48 <+bulld0g> sp_ke: face me you fucking coward
13:48 <+bulld0g> im right here
13:49 <+SuchWow> you gwan cry about it?
13:49 <+bulld0g> sp_ke: the magistrates court knows what youve done
13:49 <+bulld0g> so does the LKA
13:49 <+bulld0g> so does the prosecutor
13:49 <+bulld0g> and so will the FBI
13:49 <+bulld0g> and the AFP
13:49 <+bulld0g> and thats not just gwan be on you natalie
13:49 <+bulld0g> its on you
13:49 <+bulld0g> civil
13:49 <+bulld0g> hgc
13:49 <+bulld0g> moony
13:49 <+bulld0g> sq
13:49 <+bulld0g> fakenooze
13:49 <+bulld0g> l0de
13:49 <+bulld0g> and so on and so forth
13:49 <+SuchWow> c'mon man
13:49 <+SuchWow> you can do better
13:49 <+SuchWow> show us hwat you really got
13:50 <+hgc> hey cutie bulld0g
13:50 <+bulld0g> sp_ke: what cat got your tongue?
13:50 <+hgc> bulld0g: you really hurt about that evaluation huh
13:50 <+hgc> sux
13:50 <+bulld0g> hgc: not really no
13:51 <+bulld0g> im hurt mainly over how dumb
13:51 <+bulld0g> it is
13:51 <+bulld0g> on sp_ke's part
13:51 <+bulld0g> to do that
13:51 <+bulld0g> and on all of your parts
13:51 <+hgc> lool
13:51 <+bulld0g> lool
13:51 <+hgc> what u gonna do bout it
13:51 <+hgc> call cops?
13:51 <+bulld0g> pointless
13:51 <+bulld0g> hgc: have fun dealing w/ the AFP
13:51 <+bulld0g> done talking to you internet pussies
13:51 <+bulld0g> furthermore
13:51 <+bulld0g> thats pretty ironic
13:51 <+bulld0g> considering sp_ke used the cops
13:51 <+bulld0g> as did civil
13:51 <+bulld0g> so really?
13:52 <+bulld0g> double-edged sword
13:52 -!- mode/#LRH [+b *!*~woof@*vps-6caab06e.vps.ovh.net] by sp_ke
13:52 -!- bulld0g was kicked from #LRH by pumpbull [..(cyp/k) Banned]
13:52 <@sp_ke> vxp is not welcome in lrh
13:52 <@sp_ke> and he is violating his court order by talking to me