I hate all forum owners. Cakey tried to do this shit to be back in 2016 with changing my name and trying to make me his pet. 
I realised it was GAY as FUCK because we were BOTH males at the time. I dipped soon after that.

^I also was underage at the time so go figure.

Powerbot was my favourite back in the day. I know a valid conspiracy I made fun of Franchise for, right to her face. 
My favourite member is Wei Su and Bumblebee.

- Sinister.ly is beyond dog shit (Kill yourself Oni).
- Nulled is dog shit (sorry Franchise).
- Hackforums is dog shit (Feds, actual Retards).
- I like OGusers (too clean of a forum design, funny asf people though)
- I love Powerbot the third best. (HQ)
- I love LeakForums the second best. (PRE-FRANCHISE LEAVING, wasn't there but look at the retards I grew up there. Franchise told me stories)
- I love Raidforums the best. 

If anything, males should not run forums. 

>>>>  Please see: Cakey & TheOnlyAnonymous.  <<<<

Been here since 2016 you fucking skids, of course I know all the OGs, dumb fucks.

Forum Members:

Is cringe as fuck, homosexual, and a pedo. 
I spent money on his forum to upgrade members I liked (around $400) and he dick rode me and started talking to me, while I was a minor. 
Jewish Cakey 101 everyone.

Is cringe as fuck, homosexual, probably mad ugly, and a pedo. Elitest fag that deserves nothing.
That retard left his website index open back in the day and I beamed all his shit and told Demon.
Doxed Demon and Kitty and they were probably shitting themselves. 
Of course Demon and goes to snitch little fucking opp. 
Cakey proceeds to tell me 'If I ever touch his cat again, he will perm ban me' 
(Only the 10th time he said that to me. He perm'd me like 4 seperate times)

Tom: (My favourite, see below)
Is an elitest fag and he's literally the reason this all happened. 
Blame that fucking elitest skid. 
 >>>> He also bullied and *CONSTANTLY* [ talked to minors ], sorta weird TheOnlyAnonymous? <<<<
 >>>> He also bullied and *CONSTANTLY* [ talked to minors ], sorta weird TheOnlyAnonymous? <<<<
 >>>> He also bullied and *CONSTANTLY* [ talked to minors ], sorta weird TheOnlyAnonymous? <<<<

Is very cute, semi-elitest, and probably a tranny now. 
I love how they all gave me shit for being trans at first because I was the first one on Leak to do it. 

Is a pedophile and is bat shit insane (I saw messages in the OSU developer slack)

I love him, non-elitest, actually a good person. Best member of Loli. (Hospital, go figure)

Called me auntie for a reason since 2016. 
He was nice to me when I was a minor, so I like doggy.

Hilarious as shit, so sad he is sane now. 
Hope he is living an okay life now. 
I care about him.

I love him. Funny as FUCK, makes fun of that retard Kekko and loves Lil Peep like me.
One of the only truly truly based people. 
That's why I was looking at his profile and all the other OGS.

Love this dude. So fucking much.
Even got him to write my name on his body. He hot as fuck too.
He got a girl now rejects, so fuck off. 
I was playing League with this nigga over Discord vc while he was doing Ket and I was doing MDMA.
I miss that shit.

This dude is such a fucking baller my GOD.
Romanian ass immune to pursuit by the feds 

TheOnlyAnonymous (Tom)

Tom is a fucking RETARD LMFAO. 
Back in the day he was like 'I miss the old times Maki' and shit and he (& cakey) were literally the reason Leak went to total dog shit. 
[ Notice how both of these individuals are male. ]

 >>>>>>> Funny how that works. It's almost as if being a MALE is a mental illness and this forum theory (fact) proves it. <<<<<<

- TheOnlyAnon (The female anon)