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《₮₳₵》 (The Agents of Chaos)™️ Presents.. 
Jam#6669 Dox
Hosted By: Yunez, Slim Shady
Reason for Dox: Lesbian Fascist 
Picture of House:
Legal Name: Anjali Bala 
Birthdate: 2/20/07
Age: 15                                                                                                                                                                      Face Pic:
Home Address: 13093 Notre Dame Ln Jacksonville, FL 32218 
School:Paxon School for Advanced Studies
School Number: (904) 693-7583
Parents:Balamurugan Somasundaram,James Haynes
Info on father:6/30/80 (birthday),
Social media: (Reddit) Jam#6669 (discord)