Business OS - A Business Operating System For The Goy ... ;
by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry / #flushyourmeds … ;
The OS is Nix OS Linux KDE Plasma , Gnome was made by a Schizo ; Get the ISO and Put it on as ISO9660 Filesystem … ;
On a Live USB such as a Kingston 4GiB USB Flash Drive … ;
The ISO9660 Filesystem is also Good as Venoty Bootable as well … ;
Ventoy*net is another Bootloader Option besides ISO9660 ROMFS … ;
“sudo -i” “fdisk -l” “dd if=f.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=1M count=4096 ;” … ;
“su root” “cat f.iso >/dev/sdx ;” “yes >/dev/to-wipe-it… ;” … ;
The Business OS for The Goys will be Nix OS KDE Plasma … ;
Install Ublock Origin , Privacy Badger , Spoof the Mac Address to
all F4 Values or Random and Set DNS to FreeDNS*Zone/456012 … ;
The OS can run on Ram Disk as an ISO9660 or on Ventoy … ;
Ventoy can be found on Ventoy*net and Nix OS is ROBUST … ;
I use a BIOS PW to Lock Them Out of My Machine anyone can
wipe a Veracrypt or Luks drive with the “yes” command … ;
All people are Government Freemason Stalkers, Assholes,
Paid Informants, Dicks, and Cunts Trust No One Ever … ;
All these GOV Freemasons Abuse Meth/Steroids … ;
Use the Fifth Amendment All The Time and Say “NO” … ;