The Universal Affidavit Against Cestui Que Vie Bondage and Slavery to Commerce ... ;
by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry / Scott Alan Barry / Olympia WA USA ... ;
456011 Imperva Resolving failed Error 22 2022-04-03 00:28:44 UTC ... ; > coorinated universal time > Cults USE CUT Globally ... ; > J.R. BOB DOBBS and 42 ... ;
We are NOT NORMAL , All of Our Ancestors Fasted and Ate Meat PERIOD ... ;
Gluten / Flour / Sugar / Soy / Corn / Wheat / Refined / Processed = ALL BAD .......... ;
#102694 is Color Code in Hex For Blue and Purple Power Metal is : #800080 .......... ;
Flushyourmeds*com / Archive*today*org / Perma*cc / *exblog*jp*nethouse*ru ..... ;
The Ideal Random is "date | md5sum | base64 ;" with "echo $RANDOM" or w (=) ... ;
Passwords are Useless Now and Use a PW Manager such as 7z Veracrypt Encryotion ... ;
Pins are Even More Useless , Because The Mossad Can Crack Any Pin PERIOD ... ;
We are the only dimension with 3M/Dupont/Pollution where nothing grows ... ;
Astral Project , Meet Other People , America is still a British Crown Colony Period ... ;
Martians/Ashkenazi and Pure Blood Kohen Jews Own and Control The Earth .......... ;
The Unabomber Predicted Subnet Masking and UEFI in The BIOS to Lock OSes .......... ;
Starpage/DuckDuckGo/Yandex/Baidu/Google Of Course/Qwant/Linux/FreeBSD .......... ;
Plastic is a Eugenics Tool not found during Astral Projection and They Are Telepathic ... ;
All Dead Humans Are Telepathic Ghosts and Martians Run The Earth as Kyle Odom ... ;
Black's Law Dictionary , The Unifrom Commerical Code , Cestui Que Vie and Slavery ... ;
Negative Resistance Gabriel Kron a Free Energy Overunity Device That He Made was ;
Marked as "non-or" as Zionists and Jews Control The US Patent Office Freemasons ... ;
Cestui Que Vie was Started in 1666 AD now we have a Subnet Masking UEFI in BIOS
Technocracy where You Cannot Run Certain BSD or Linux Distros on a new Laptop ... ;
Always file a Bond and Do a UCC-1 , OPEN A Treasury Direct Accound , SF-24 Bid Bond ,
Request a Bid Bond , Always Plead the Fifth , Never Talk , Frown of Course , DUH ... ;
Rite Aid Does Not Recycle and Israel The Mossad Did The September 11 Attacks .... ;
Uniform Commercial Code goes all the way back to Vatican Cannon Roman Law and King James ... ;
King James signed in the FIrst Charter of Virginia in 1606 , then 60 Years Later Cestui Que Vie ... ;

.......... Web*Libera*Chat .......... ;
Random*org and of course I have no Life , So I am just doing Whatever to Get this Done .......... ;
De-google the Tracfone , Install F-Driod Netguard Disable All in use Startpage/DuckDuckGo .......... ;
Lock it with an Alphanumeric PW Not A Pin as Pins are Useless and Do Not Work Against Them .......... ;
Read The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and See It Happen ... ;
3-Digits*144*151 .......... ; This will give us True Actual Random and No BS .......... ;
The Jewish Victors re-wrote our history , The Swastika is a Peaceful Sun Wheel ... ;
A Monaural Beat made from 126 and 128 The Sun Tone in Audacity For Healing ... ;
The Ultimate Command Line Calculator for Linux is "bc -l ;" as it Works Well ... ;
Save as 24 KBPS and 24K Sample Rate as MP3 Runtime is 57 Minutes and Saved ... ;
Save as 126128.mp3 the Coolest Placeholder Number for Several Things ... ;
The Pentagram Fraction is 144/151 or 0.9536 which Makes a Satanic Pentagram ... ;
Phi is 1.6180339 Pi is 3.14159 and the Arctangent of (1) Times Four as Shown ... ;
Cure For Cancer : Distilled Water Fasting and Meat Based Diet for Development ... ;
You have to Balance Yin and Yang Not Too Much Meat just be Kundalini ... ;
I fucking Hate Doctors/Psychiatrists/Psychologists and All NON-STEM FRAUDS ... ;
If they can't fix an Audiometer or Tympanometer they cannot Fix YOU PERIOD ... ;
I fucking Hate Zionism and Israel it is all Mount Cyanide Genocide of Palestine ... ;
I fucking Hate Organized Religion and God it is a Stalking Cult Based on The Talmud ... ;
I am just a Layman , Graduated HS , Never Went to College , Took INE , Wrote Books ...
Why work when you can be on welfare , life is shit , then you're a Ghost , That's all ...
I have to give a History Lesson in this Affidavit against Cestui Que Vie Bondage ...
We never Won The War With the British or the War of Indepence and USA = Crown Colony
USA = British Crown Colony Corporation Operating in Cestui Que Vie Slavery ...
The B'nai B'rith of ADL and SPLC is a bunch of Pure Blood Kohen Jew Kikes Period ... ;
The Holocaust Never Happened and Hitler Was Not What The Victors Said At All ...
You will die some day as a Human and be a Free Psychic Telepathic Ghost Seeing All The Lies ...
If you havent File Your UCC-1 Uniform Commerical Code Open A Treasury Direct Account ...
The 1099 A/B OID Process Gets You Everything You Want so Be Careful How You Use It ...
The Best Most Reliable DNS is 4560.1.5 and FreeDNS*Zone and D*Tube Bar NONE ...
Encrypt as 7zip and Veracrypt , encode to Base64/Base32 , Split -b 19M File ... ;
cat file.ext | base64 --decode > ; Now We're Talkin' a Better Method w Linux ... ;
Energy Work with 528 and 963 : "speaker-test -t sine -f 963 -l 100000000 ;" All Done ... ;
Get a Piezo or Some Quarts Rock and Play This Trough a Sound Plate to Restructure ... ;
They are Called CUSIP Numbers For Managing Cestui Que Vie Slaves ...
You are in Bondage to Uniform Commercial Code and Cestui Que Vie Slavery ...
Act of 1871 USA is a Corporation and British Crown Colony ...
King James Signed in The First Charter of Virginia in 1606 and Council on Foreign Relations
Is The Illuminati of Mayday 1776 and Rights are Imaginary you only have Number 5 Amendment ;
You see my drift , it's all a Lie , The Holocaust Never Happened Six Million My ASS ...
College will always be a SCAM and I will Undo Cestui Que Vie Bondage with this Affidavit ...
I have made a plan to opt out of the Zionist Jew Controllled Society ...
Ctrl+U and Ctrl+F to Steal Web Content , So Never Pay For Anything / Bandcamp Example ...
cat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >1.mp3 ; ffmpeg -i 1.mp3 -ab 128K 2.mp3 ; echo "all-done-from-here..." ;
The Other Generations Listened to Albums and Now We Have Shitty Songs FAIL FAIL >>> ;
Merge the Files Together into a Multimedia File and Never Buy It Ever ...
Your Full Name : John/Jane Henry/Ronald/Blank Doe/Manson ...
Your Date of Birth : 05/25/1983 ... Middle Initial as H. or B. ... 05-25-83 ... ////////// ;
Your Mac Address : f4:f4:f4:f4:f4:f4/Random and DNS is on Linux ...
Your OS : Calculate Linux and Ventoy*net with Skywave Linux on a Lenovo t400/t420 ...
The OSes on the Lenovo T400/T420/T61T60 are on Ventoy as Kali Linux 32 / Manjaro Linux XCFE /
Calculate Linux XFCE / Eset System Rescue / Skywave Linux / Artix Linux / KDE NEON / Kubuntu /
Puppy Linux Bionic 32 Bit / Slitaz Linux / Temple OS / FreeDOS / GhostBSD / Discreete Linux ... ;
Sigint OS / Haiku Os / Solaris / AIX / RAW UNIX / DragonFlyBSD The Most Stable BSD / .......... ;
Minix/Minix3 is the Only Microkernel OS that Runs Sound Card Drivers in Loop On Ram Disk ..... ;
Your MP3 Player : Sony ICD-PX 370/470 ...
Your Address : 9999 Homeless St Seattle Washington USA ...
Your Email : or or Anon$ ... ;
In Your Command Prompt or Linux/Unix Terminal Type : echo $RANDOM *144*151 ... ;
The Universal Affidavit can be used with a Black/Blue Ballpoint Pen and a Scratch Pad ... ;
You can get a Scratch Pad on Fineartamerica*com / Scott Barry and Get a Cheap Hotel Pen ... ;
Your Zip : 98005 ... ending in 7601 ... Zip Codes (The Jewish People Own YOU) ... ;
Bone Broken : Toe / Subject in School : Psychology / Mothers Maiden Name : DOE ... ;
HS Education Graduated / No College / INE and Capture The Flag / Kali Linux Parrot Sec OS ... ;
0011-4400 as Media Access Control Address or 5A or FF or 66 or That's It ... /24 is .255 ... ;
ping -b -s 666 / / / / localhost / /24 .255 ;
CVC or Sec Code can also be 113 or just 666 as pin is 6666 ...
American National not a Citizen which is A SCAM for Cestui Que Vie ...
Your Phone Number : (253)-555-5555 ... (1+) as my US Country Code ... ;
TIN's EIN's and SSN's are All 9 and EIN's have NODASHES .......... ;
N/A to All Fields you Want To Leave Blank , Signatures Pledge More ... ;
Your Company : Flush Your Meds or N/A ... Not Applicable is Based ... ;
Japan Zip For Exblog*jp : 633-0204 / 916-0192 ... ...
Your Country : USA / United States of America or America ...
Your Language : English US / English United States ... Subnet Masking /24 is 255 ...
Your Age : 30 - or get the 1983 and Subtract ... Or Subtract 30 and do 05/25 ...
Your Swap Partition 8 GB with Another Ext4 and Ventoy on Ventoy*net ...
The Freemasons and Sheriffs/Cops/Citizens on Patrol all Abuse Steroids and Meth ...
The Victor Jews made up that Meth Lie About Adolf Hitler who got Germany out of
a Banking Debt and Fixed The German Economy Making it a Power House .......... ;
Look up Albert Pike and King Solomons Temple to See It's the Freaking Jews ... ;
The Swastika / German Flag SVG  are a Symbol of Unity and Love a Sun Wheel ... ;
You are a Better Person than The Freemasons Even You Thelemites and Satanists ...
You are a Better Person than a Bunch of Sodomite Rabbis who Suck Baby Dicks ...
The Talmud is more preverse than The Bible or Satanic Bible or Book of the Law ...
We know the Magna Carta and Constitution got replaced by The Talmud ...
You are in Cestui Que Vie , Always Plead The Fifth ...
Everything in Life is Uniform Commerical Code ...
When I die I will just be a Telepahtic Ghost and God is Imaginary ...
Your Keyboard/Keymap Layout : English US ...
Your Pin will always be 6666 as it is Of The Beast ...
Your CVC Security Code will Always Be 666 ...
Your Mothers Maiden Name will be Doe ...
You will use Your Real SSN as little as possible and Avoid Database M SW ...
Avoid using Motorolla or Imperva Spillman and Priers are BAD ...
Don't Give them the ID , Say Scew You or NO ...
Link all the Emails Together and back them up Togehter ...
Use Alphanumeric PW always as Pins are Useless ...
Use Alien Characters and Random 2/3 Digits as as One Time Pad ...
Alien Characters have no Base of 8 and One Time Pads are
for every A-Z 0-10 w SP and * add a Threee Digit Number ...
Pasword Hashing For Linux "date | md5sum | base64" + (=) ...
Use 7zip and Veracrypt with a BIOS PASSWORD ...
Always Change DNS and Spoof the Mac Address ...
Lock it in an Ammo Can with an FJM or Better Lock ...
Meditate to Whole Being Regeneration Monaural Beats ...
Get the Sennheiser HD-1 Headphones For The BASE ...
Always Deny The Holocaust and Realize Everyone is a Politician ...
Realize Kohen Jews and Ashkenazi Martians Run Earth ...
Realize Pschiatry / Ology is an Anti White Jewish Tool ...
Realize Psych is a Non Stem Quack Job For Big Pharma ...
Realize Zionism and Israel are Both Cancer Period ...
Your EIN is your SSN xxx-xx-xxxx without The Dashes ...
No. Routing Number  Red Number on Social Sec Card ...
With the Fed Routing Numbers get the Red Number on the
Back of the Social Security Card Worth Millions of Bucks ...
Your ISBN NUMBER : 9781732353237 / 978-1-7323-3-7 ...
Internic*net > Whois > Nslookup / Ping  > IP Octet Enumeration ... ; 4 in IPv4 ... ;
"Martians are Responsible For The God Myth. Martians Started
Organized Relgion to Control Mankind. Martians use us 'wild'
humans as Sex Slaves. Martians have Different Amygdala." --Kyle Odom ;
Your other ISBN NUMBER : 978-0-359-86346-4 / 9780359863464 ...
Google Dot Com > Books > Search "Ghost" This is "The Secret Jews Hide" ... ;
The Resource of All Things is on Perma*cc / Archive*today*org as :
Flushyourmeds*com*nethouse*ru*my-free*website*substack*com*exblog*jp ... ;
The ISBN That Is Censored : 9780/9781 (1892796008)  ; DavidDuke*com ...
Jewish Supremacism David Duke / Kyle Odom Manifesto filetype:pdf ...
Use Parent Directory index of and "EXT" as in File Extension (+/-) ...
Google Dorking is Very Easy To Do ... Index.html / Index.php / Index.htm /
Adminlogin.asp / Adminlogin.aspx / /details/ /?q=test / /search?q=test /
sudo -i ; su root ; bas ; cd /usr/bin/ /usr/sbin/ /bin/ /sbin/ ...
cupsd/ "chmod -R 000" LOCK ALL THESE BINARIES in LINUX ...
Install Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger in Your Damn Browser ...
Tested and Working on Skywave Linux using Ventoy2SSD ...
The Doctor is Scamming You : Probiotics such as Colostrum ,
Apple Pectin , Kundalini , Monaural Beats , Distilled Water Fasting ,
Auto Urine Therapy and Sun Gazing during Sunrise/Set Bare Foot Earthing ...
Bare Foot Running , Citricare Citrus Seed Extracts , Baking Soda and Oregano
to Detox The Body , Magnesium Multi Mineral Multi Electrolyte Supplement ...
MSM , Fibre Gummies , Prunes , Pomegranate Juice with Stevia ...
See The Doctor and Psychiatrist Only Want To Kill You and Fasting Works ...
Learn Remote Veiwing or Telepathy fix your Brainwave Resonance and Health ...
You need a Black or Blue Ballpoint Pen to do real actual remote viewing well ...
Others need nothing , already know they will be a ghost after death ...
There are certain levels of Telepathy and Others are Just Brain Dead ...
You can thank Psych Meds for making me Impotent and Screwing Me UP ...
Startpage is the only Search Engine that Displays No URLS ...
BrowserAudit*com and Brax*me/GEO ... The ACID3 Test is Good ...
Take a Free INE Course on Kali Linux and Parrot Sec OS using Ventoy ...
Capture The Flag SQL Injection : Admin / ' OR '1'='1 ... ; Adminlogin.aspx ... ;
The One-Time Pad and Alien Characters Are The Top Two Options .......... ;
A-Z1-0SPRAND3 and Alien Characters Have No Binary Instruction .......... ;
' OR '1'='1' --
' OR '1'='1' {
' OR '1'='1' /*
The Unix Fork Bomb For File Transfer Protocol : !:(){ :|:& };: without ! makes it BASH Only ... ;
We have all done Dumb Script Kiddie Stuff Starting Off it's nothing Special or NEW ... ;
Windows Users did this Stupid Script Kiddie Shit :
Winkey > R > cmd.exe /c stupid.bat
start stupid.bat
goto a
Fuck all that I only use Linux, Minix, Unix, Solaris, AIX, BEOS, Haiku, and FreeBSD For The Win ..... ;
Once Again Your EIN is Your SSN With NODASHES XXXXXXXXX / XXX-XX-XXXX ... ;
Just use 666-66-6666 and be Done With it and say I am not a US Citizen which is a SCAM ...
Voters Registration is also a Scam and I fly the German Nazi Swastika Flag Proudly SVG File ...
SVG to STL look it up and Sell STL Files as 3D Plastic or Metal Prints Get Paid with a 1099 Form ...
GhostBSD and NomadBSD are in Development and kind of Bloated compared to Puppy Linux ... ;
Go To Exploit-DB Dot Com and Find a Security Flaw , Modify The Code To Make An Exploit ...
Does a Drive By Download > Installs a Rootkit/Bootkit/RAT > Mines Money To a Bank .... ;
The Master Boot Record or Track0 MBR or Bootloader can be Wiped with "yes >/dev/sdx ; fdisk -l ;"
"echo $RANDOM ;" and divide 144 then times 151 ... For Non Collective Unconscious Random ...
Get a Cloud do Johndoe or Flushyourmeds then that number and write down a PW in a Journal w "="
for Unlimited Cloud Storage using a Fake email @mailfence@tutanota@protonmail@gmail@yandex ...
See the XSS or Cross Site Scripting Sucks and You as Much Fraud as YOU WANT >>> .......... ;
Unlimited Cloud Storage and Write it Down on a Spiral Journal Thing and there are about 12 or so
Online Cloud Options to Choose From to keep logs and files away from The Society ...
Write it all down as 2-3 digit Numbers One Time Pad or Alien Characters A-ZR3 0-10R3 + * + SP ...
Alien Characters Stump These Silly Remote Viewers who Work on Binary Data Mostly ...
Use Secure File Transfer Protocol instead of Unencrypted or Close All of your Ports and just have
One Port Open 443 Such as With Skywave Linux only having just lighthttpd installed mostly ...
Disable These Ports and use this Shell Script  After Running "sudo -i ;" / "su root ;" :
##//!!-----Firewall--For--Targeted--Individuals-----!!\\## ;
This will be the Linux Firewall For Targeted Indivuals ... ;
Tested out on Gentoo Calculate Linux and Working ..... ;
Mac Address is Random and f4f4f4f4f4f4 as 001122334400 as ;
5a5a5a5a5a5a as cccccccccccc as bbbbbbbbbbbbb as DNS ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 80 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 30 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 29 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 28 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 27 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 26 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 25 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 24 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 23 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 22 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 21 -j DROP ;
sudo iptables -I INPUT -p 20 -j DROP ;
##//!!-----Firewall--For--Targeted--Individuals-----!!\\## ;
##//!!-----Sudo-Remover--For--Targeted--Individuals-----!!\\## ;
# An Extra as well : ;
# sudo -i su root cd bash *.sh do this for srt ..... ;
# bash sudo remover Removes "sudo" For Security ..... ;
# chmod -R 000 locks it chmod -R 777 unlocks it ... ;
# A quick easy solution for Kubuntu and Gentoo Linux ... ;
# sudo -i ; su root ; sudo -i ; su root ; sudo -i ; su root ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/su ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/su ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/su ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/su ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/sudo ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/sudo ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/sudo ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/sudo ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/sudoedit ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/sudoedit ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/sudoedit ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/sudoedit ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/gksudo ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/gksudo ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/gksudo ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/gksudo ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/doas ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/doas ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/doas ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/doas ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/passwd ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/passwd ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/passwd ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/passwd ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/bluetooth ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/bluetooth ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/bluetooth ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/bluetooth ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/bluetoothd ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/bluetoothd ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/bluetoothd ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/bluetoothd ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/cupsd ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/cupsd ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/cupsd ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/cupsd ;
chmod -R 000 /bin/ssh-agent ;
chmod -R 000 /sbin/ssh-agent ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/bin/ssh-agent ;
chmod -R 000 /usr/sbin/ssh-agnet ;
chmod -R 000 /etc/avahi ;
chmod -R 000 /etc/avahi-daemon ;
chmod -R 000 /etc/default/avahi ;
chmod -R 000 /etc/default/avahi-daemon ;
##//!!-----Sudo-Remover--For--Targeted--Individuals-----!!\\## ;
#!/—————\!# ;
Does Memory Corruption and Overrides ALL RAM ... ;
Subject : April Fools Universal Browser Exploit ... ;
I have Something Interesting … ;
Tinyurl*com/bds3u6uk ;
#!/—————\!# ;
Web*Libera*Chat > #flushyourmeds$RANDOM*144*151 #johndoe$RANDOM*144*151 ... ;
The 1099 OID Process or Earing Your 1099 Selling Shit is a Life Changing Process Period ... ;
The jewish banks are Scamming You even Psychiatry/Psychology and Communism are
all jewish and have Jewish Origins , Karl Marx had jewish parents No Duobts about that ... ;
The 1099 A The 1099 B , Money in return , Banks are Scamming YOU , It's Your Fucking
Money , Jews Are Scamming You Through Communism , Usury , Compound Interests ,
They're mind controlling you "Goyim Will Own Nothing (Talmudic Doctrine)"  ... ;
Jewish Committee of 300 and they block the word "Quantatative Easing" A Banking Term ... ;
Basically they do not back anything with Gold or Silver and They are Scamming the Goyim ... ;
The Goys are being scammed by Ashkenazi and Pure Blood Kohen Jews of B'nai B'rith ... ;
These Pure Blood Jews Have More Than Six Passports and eat Matzo Balls at Jew Only ... ;
Country Clubs and We The Goyim Will Own Nothing Period Period Period Period Period ... ; > > Koveking ... ;
The Nop Character : echo -ne "\x90" | cat > ; ... 90 in Hex is Nop and .......... ;
Tilda Always Has Six On Instructions and is (~) a Unique Sine Wave Character .... ;
Represented in Binary as : 01111110 , Used Everywhere in Latin Uniform Commercial Code ... ;
The Slaves are Managed by Freemasons in Imperva/Motorolla Spillman Flex and Priers Database ;
Management Software in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS as YOUR STRAWMAN For SLAVE UCC .... ;
We are Operating in Commerce You are a Slave to Cestui Que Vie and 1666 AD DERPDERP ... ;
The Jews Extended the Patriot Act and Run Hollywood Push Holocaust Industry lie Further ... ;
In banking they do all the Usury and Quantitative Easing not backing any money with Gold or Silver ... ;
It's all planned even these Politicians and The Inflation all planned , By Ashkenazi and Kohen  Country ;
Clubber Zionist Jews who Run The Earth Along with The Telepathic Martians who Started God and ;
Organized Religion and use us 'normal' wild humans as Sex Slaves For PTHC and Snuff Films ... ;
Most of the films are shared on Peer2Peer Software Where All Sex Slaves are Shared on The Net ... ;
Any Hex Editor or Shellcode Values will Make a Smaller Program with Root Capabilities just like
Assembly and will Root Anything and will be smalled in size than Any other Programming Language ... ;
Bi-phasic waves Ultrasonic and Infrasonic You have the lilly wave spikes up and down , then you
have bi-phasic sine waves that mostly dip called SCALAR Waves that Penetrate Most Things WELL ... ;
They are using SCALAR and Lilly Waves to Control the Stupid Goyim through their 50 and 60 Hz
Power Grid and Controlling The Masses Via Psychotronic Warfare and UAC Mind Control ...
MK-Ultra of the CIA is still selling Sex Slaves and COINTELPRO of the FBI are Still Active ... ;
The Mossad , NSA , FBI , and CIA are all Terrorist Organizations that Distribute Child Porn on
Peer2Peer Networks and Sell Sex Slaves to places like Tel Aviv Israel a safe haven for Pedophiles ...
The Mossad and Israel is Responsible for the September 11, 2001 Attacks and They Did It ...
The CIA Sold Drugs to minors and Did Several Illegal Things Mainly MK-Ultra Still Happening ...
These are Military Controlled Regions and The Jewish Victors Re-wrote our History  Books ...
Todays Mainstream Press Consists of GE, Viacom, Time Warner, Newscorp, CBS, and Walt ;
Disney and is all Brainwashing, Mind Control, Scalar Waves, Lilly Waves, and Propaganda ... ;
The Genocide done to the Palestinians is Justified  by Fake Truther Zionist Alex Jones and
The rest of the Mainstream Puppet Mind Control SCALAR wave Media as Shown DerpDerp ...
Look up Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory and Mr. Pickle's Circus and Katy Groves to see the real
Pedophile Mk-Ultra CIA Government for it's Terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity ...
When you see through all the brainwashing you will see that Hitler Got Germany out of
Communism and Got Germany out Poverty and Out of a Banking Debt and the Jewish
Victors Lied about Him and Hitler was not a Drug Addict like the Jews said he was ...
The are no real documents for the Holocaust Six Million Lie even David Irving did the
research on that ... You see The puppet Zionist Media and Hollywood All Lie Period ...