One of Sthe 4 FAKE DOXED on the SCENE KING on DOxbin LOLOLOL

Mirrors of this dox so the lil skidiot cant remove it:

He reposted his own dox cause beastly figured out his new alias (@Exxploiting)    This harmless 2018 braindead skidiot constantly LARPS (Live action Roleplay) as Starfall Sleep Zoom Aush0k and a bunch of other hackers
He openly admitted 2 larping as starfall then posted his own dox 2 try and social engineer the scene out of it Kid is in his 20's sitting on xbox trolling 14 year old girls

Can u say FAILURE   oh his poor parents 


He blocked sa7an on discord and was too afraid 2 join the bwa server and get HUMILIATED again for the harmless LARPING SKILL LESS DOXED PEDO that he is


PIcture time

Proof :

99 Hollingbourne Road, Herne Hill, Dulwich, London SE24 9LY (mad tho his my addy com down for some tea 
Proof (from twisty)
Main Operating System: Windows 10 (yeah all my ss are that)
Age: 20
Name: Kaleb Henderson
At the time of viewing He currently Has 2 Siblings. (3 siblings tho my sister doesnt live with me)
Monitor MANU: Samsung S10 (tho that kinda cool how you got this)
Monitor Type: SAMSUNG S24F354 24" (Actual size 23.5") Full HD 1920 x 1080 VGA HDMI AMD FreeSync Flicker Free Technology Super Slim Design LED Backlit Monitor (idfk know id this is right but might be)

Social: (i Dont own this) (again this one isnt mine my epic games is like angel with numbers) (this isnt mean heads up) (You gotta be kidding me...) (leave my tiktok alone i bearly use it) (i dont own this lmfao tho mad)

Direct Contact:

Phone: Android running 4g O2 (had 3 back on my razor phone)

His personal Sites:
      --- MAIL ---

What he does on his free time:

When this Fat larp isnt "Hacking" He spends his time jerking off to hentai(nope im not in to hentai you could ask my friend group) and coloring 
pictures of Rimuru Then going onto his gogoanime lmfao account to watch more anime. 
if anyone was ever afraid of this Fat cheeto skid that knows nothing of actual OPsec(this isnt OPsec since you couldnt get my full name thats on my discord linked) and Hacking then I guinly feel bad for you. (mad how you fucked up all my public info)
Keep in mind this Fat icecream eating Little bitch Makes Music. LMFAOO (i dont but the music was mad by a friend lmfao)

MESSAGE_TO_EXXPLOIT: I have more on you And i wont hesitate to release more, So im gonna give you a deal 
You make a public appology To The skidbin owner pompompurin and the hard working staff As they had worked hard for this site to remain up.
And Bills are too expensive For you to talk down on the site. You have 10 hours. When 5 hours gets released ill 
post this info on doxbin so the other skids there can have Warez with you. :^) - BadKarma

The Hendersons are down bad this yr LOLOLOL

Kid blocks us


His skidiotic friend C/Ps a fake ass 9 yr old dox on sa7an

~Urs Truly CAPTAIN SA7AN  aka the one who u will NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER DOX guppey  

n iM OuT

"The House Always Wins"