Dear Raidforums Retards,

Obviously, they (RF) are dumb fucks it was literally 99% zone porn (we saw) and 1% of that shit she did for like 1-2 weeks which was jail bait anyways?

If we look through all your retards shit I swear we will find way more. She is more pure than all you rejects.

This is why we don't hang out on the site anymore, because you are all pathetic. 
This is why we need her in

She is bae number 1 for a reason.

Wow 23 years and 1-2 weeks of only sus shit
we checked literally EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING

and TheOnlyAnon was ACTUALLY telling the fucking truth

So believe it here, IDK why I have to fucking defend her. 
This why you retards literally do all the dirty work.

We all want her in because she is fucking so based you have no idea. 
Way more than any of you retards

To CBT specifically,

She did the same exact shit you do. She sent AMAZING selfies of herself to a bunch of retarded trannys on Discord (Tranny groups). 
Multiple times and watched them seethe she do the same shit you do

It seems like CBT looking mad retarded rn.

TheOnlyAnon is more transphobic than CBT. You heard it here first folks. Dumb fucks.
This is why she way more based than any of you rejects.

She did all the shit and way more I can't fucking say.

TheOnlyAnon more based than CBT for using her own selfies? I think so.
Better rep her ass fucking skid.

Stay peasants,

- ryan (unable to hack the world)